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TerraBlock is an industry-leading video shared storage solution for collaborative production networks. The Facilis Shared File System included with TerraBlock systems easily manages the most complex, multi-platform network environments and enables collaborative workflows including diverse image formats and applications. Whether your job is 4K color grading, VFX compositing or HD craft editorial, working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro / FCPX, DaVinci Resolve or Avid Pro Tools, TerraBlock network shared storage provides the performance and collaboration that lets you create with confidence.


Over 3,000 installations worldwide

  • “Our goal is to shoot and produce video with the highest image quality we can afford in order to preserve our digital media distribution options well into the future. With this move to 4K, we needed a robust storage system capable of the heavy lifting required to move multiple streams of 4K video simultaneously.”

    MOSAIC Logo
    Adam Genzink
    Broadcast Director at Mosaic
  • “We have a lot of users connected to our systems at any given time. Maybe 6 heavy users on either Fibre or 10gig copper at any one time and our producers also connect over Ethernet as well. We demand a lot from our systems, and don’t have time for any problems. The reliability and flexibility of the TerraBlock systems has been good for us.”

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    Ryan Kehn
    Creative Director at VWSE
  • “In selecting Facilis, key factors for us were the performance and cost effectiveness of TerraBlock and in both respects we are delighted with the results. We operate with limited financial resources, so to be able to afford this standard of shared storage system has been a massive boost for us”.

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    Bimal Ambrose
    Senior Editor & Technical Manager at Powervision TV
  • “The great thing about our Facilis system is that we don’t need to think about it.  It’s just rock solid and always there,” said Ms. Fine. “We organize everything very meticulously by episode in folders and bins. We store our music in a separate volume. It’s very efficient and just what we need to meet our deadlines.”

    Ellen Fine, CCE
    (Canada Cinema Editor) and freelance film editor
  • “After evaluating various options we selected the Facilis TerraBlock 24D/96TB. It allows us to record all incoming data twice – once as the working copy and once as a backup on the same server.”

    Systempiloten Thorsten Feldmann
    Thorsten Feldmann
    Technical Director, Filmwerk
  • Organizing media in the Facilis system is easy, and knowing that our TerraBlock offers integrated asset tracking gives us added confidence as we evolve towards new offerings for digital distribution to our members and educators in the future.

    Jacob Richmond
    Director of Video Production, SFJAZZ
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