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TerraBlock is an industry-leading video shared storage solution for collaborative production networks. The Facilis Shared File System included with TerraBlock systems easily manages the most complex, multi-platform network environments and enables collaborative workflows including diverse image formats and applications. Whether your job is 4K color grading, VFX compositing or HD craft editorial, working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro / FCPX, DaVinci Resolve or Avid Pro Tools, TerraBlock network shared storage provides the performance and collaboration that lets you create with confidence.


Over 3,000 installations worldwide

  • “From our point of view, Facilis represents the perfect combination of price, quality and reliability. It just keeps running and running, day after day, and we like that we don’t have to worry about our storage.”

    Gherman Trushin
    Chief Engineer at the Telelatino Network
  • “With Facilis, I like how easy it is to expand our storage network, simply by adding an additional server and not having to concern ourselves with issues such as managing servers, databases or client licensing,”

    Norman Ende
    Head of Postproduction at nobeo Studios
  • “The Facilis system displays only what they have permission to access in each suite. Just because a client starts a project in one room, doesn’t mean they have to stay there. This level of adaptability is one of the keys to their success.”

    Barak Epstein
    Facilis Authorized Reseller VideoTex Systems install at Lucky Post