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Post Production for UHDTV – Is Your Facility Ready?

It’s a simple fact of life that organizations working in the broadcast space need a strategic approach to technology adoption.

For post-production companies keeping a watchful eye on the constant evolution of acquisition formats and delivery standards, staying ahead of the curve can be quite a daunting exercise. Read more.

Would you like to meet Facilis at IBC 2015?

Just as summer starts drawing to a close our minds turn to Amsterdam and IBC. Once again, Facilis will be exhibiting with a booth in Hall 7 (#7.C10) and we would love to meet you during the show. Read more.

From Petroglyphs to Solid State Drives: Welcome to the New Facilis Blog

To help you navigate the confusing world of shared storage, and keep you on top of developments, we have decided to revamp our blog. Don't worry, this will not be yet another boring corporate sales pitch masquerading as a blog. Read more.

Can high-end post tools empower the small facility?

At Facilis, we believe that a new breed of digital technology is helping to level out the playing field. Technologies such as the best in breed shared storage systems are empowering collaborative workflows: enabling small groups of incredibly gifted... Read more.

NAB 2015 - Facilis Recap

NAB 2015:  What an amazing show for Facilis! We would like to thank everyone who came by our booth. We also have a lot of exciting news to share with you!  Read more.

BVExpo 2015 Recap

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us at BVExpo 2015, Stand R30 with Storage DNA. This was the biggest and busiest BVExpo we have seen! Read more.

Who Turned Out The Lights? - Disaster Recovery Strategies

The post 9/11 years in New York were a breeding ground for DR solutions that few were even imagining in the years prior. There was a time when the worst case scenario was losing a drive in a RAID0, or two in a mirror. Read more.

IBC 2014 - Facilis Recap

IBC 2014:  What a show! With an attendance of over 55,000 people, it's fair to say this show was a big one! We had a lot of exciting news to share and showcase this year and we thank everyone who stopped by our booth! Read more.

Change Technology, Not People - Catering to The Unique Workflow

Many post coordinators live by the credo, "If it's not broken, don't fix it". The problem is, there are various levels of broken. Think of a road with a pothole. Patching it with sand will solve the problem temporarily, maybe enough to announce that the road is no longer broken. Read more.

Here’s a Secret - It’s Not About the Hardware

It’s amazing how much storage you can get for so little these days. As of this writing, a 4TB internal hard drive retails for about $250. So, right now you can buy 100TB raw storage for under $7,000. Pick out a nice drive enclosure with RAID controllers and external connectivity like fibre channel or SAS and voila, you have direct attached storage (DAS). Read more.