NAB 2015 - Facilis Recap


NAB 2015:  What an amazing show for Facilis! We would like to thank everyone who came by our booth. We also have a lot of exciting news to share with you!

If you couldn't attend NAB 2015 don't worry, we have all of the exciting Facilis news here for you!

At NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, Facilis (booth # SL8811) announced new offerings for both high-end and budget conscious facilities, along with an all-new digital asset tracking product that combines search, management and access to project assets in a simple interface. Learn more about these products here.  

New Products:

TerraBlock 24D/HA: 

The TerraBlock 24D/HA, Hybrid Array includes a drive group of 8 x 1TB SSDs for ultra-high performance, alongside a larger drive group of  traditional 4TB SATA drives for 72TB combined capacity. This unit has more than twice the performance of the 24D in a single chassis. You can view our performance table here. Since TerraBlock is a virtual volume system, facility administrators can create unique volume configurations that make the best use of the capacity and scalability of HDDs, and the consistency of speed and bandwidth inherent in SSDs. Performance derived from the SSD group can power multi-stream uncompressed 4K workloads, while the 16 drive group delivers the collaborative experience for compressed HD editorial and content creation workflows.

TerraBlock 8D:

The TerraBlock 8D is an 8-drive, 16TB turnkey content creation system with all the features of the larger TerraBlock systems. This 2U rack mountable server includes the Facilis Shared File System. The 8D includes standard Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and can be upgraded in the field to support Fibre channel and 10GigE connections, making it very attractive for facilities looking for a cost effective way to expand existing Fibre channel storage. 

Upcoming TerraBlock V6.5 Features:

TerraBlock Software Version 6.5 will include new scalability features and workgroups. Interoperability with third party applications has been further increased along with performance enhancements for resolution independent workflows. Additional features include:

  • Cascading Volumes enable seamless expansion of storage capacity among multiple drive groups and servers, all without moving or copying data.
  • Windows Growing File Support helps our customers incorporate capture and encode automations, along with popular edit-during-ingest workflows on Windows as well as OSX.
  • Increased User and Volume count up to 250 connected multi-platform users with no per-seat fees through the Facilis Shared File System and increase in Volume count to 1000.


FastTracker is a comprehensive application for cataloging, searching and viewing many media types within the Facilis TerraBlock Shared Storage System, including all major QuickTime, MP4 and MXF codecs, along with DPX and TARGA image sequences, to name a few. This easy-to-use system includes custom metadata tagging, catalog user permissions, "Boolean" search capability and incremental indexing functionality. With no browser-based dependencies, this application is the fastest way to find clips, view them, and bring them into a project.

Product Availability

The TerraBlock 24D/HA and TerraBlock 8D are shipping now. Facilis FastTracker software and TerraBlock Software Version 6.5 will be available this summer.


We are excited to announce that Facilis Technology has won the 2015 Broadcast Beat Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Content Management.








The Facilis TerraBlock 8D received Post Magazine Picks Honorable Mention for one of the "coolest" new products at NAB 2015!

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