Q&A with Nick Wiseman, Partner at Dancing Aardvarks


Leading UK Long-Form Commercial House, Dancing Aardvarks, Revolutionizes Production Workflows with TerraBlock

UK-based Dancing Aardvarks is a unique combination of a production company and ad agency, who specialize in commercial production from initial concept to final creation. This arrangement allows customers to reduce chains of contact and work directly with the people who are making their ad.

Dancing Aardvarks are also a leading provider of long form infomercials to the three biggest long form advertisers in the UK. For the Facilis blog we have spoken to Nick Wiseman, Partner at Dancing Aardvarks.

Q: What created the impetus for you to consider investing in Facilis TerraBlock?

NW.We have put over 1000 commercials through Clearcast, and a lot of them are iterated from the same assets. Therefore, having all of the assets online and accessible from a multiple seats made a lot of sense to us.

Q: What storage system did you use prior to investing in TerraBlock?

NW. Prior to using TerraBlock we had a variety of different direct connect drives on each desk such as Promise 16TB, Dulce and G-Tech.

Q: Where in your facility does the TerraBlock sit and what role does it perform?

NW. The TerraBlock sits in a chilled server cupboard driving two machines. We are using it for all our current filming projects which recently included a five a five-camera multicam shoot for an advertising competition, TV Star All Response Media.

Q: When was the system installed and when did it become operational?

NW. It was installed at the start of the year and we phased it in over a two month period.

Q: What features and facilities of TerraBlock attracted you to the system – did you consider any alternative vendors’ products?

NW. The great price attracted us to TerraBlock, as well as the good user reviews on Creative Cow.

Q: Would you say that TerraBlock enables your team to work differently, more effectively, or more profitably?

NW. TerraBlock gives us great turn around speed as the editor can be onto the next job whilst the graphic operator is either grading or captioning enabling us to work for efficiently. All work is uninterrupted as well as there is no un-mounting and re-mounting of drives.

Q:Having used the system for a while, what would you say is the best feature/s of TerraBlock and why?

NW. Having most of our footage online and available for multiple users saves a lot of time for us when we require maximum throughput and helps us work a lot more effectively.