Q&A with Tinker Imagineers Creative Technologist Michel Buchner


Tinker Imagineer adopts TerraBlock in new cutting edge AV production facility

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Tinker Imagineers is an agency for creative consultancy and experience communication. The team there brings ideas to life in exhibitions, events, brand experience centres, pavilions, and multi-media theatres.

Tinker take on research, project development, design, as well as production. Rooted in cognitive psychology, they mix the latest insights in human sense making with the storytelling and creative use of media technology.

Tinker’s clients have big ideas in mind, aimed at making the world a healthier or more sensible place to live in. Its expanded approach to experience design is the perfect way to bring moonshots to life.

For the Facilis blog, we have spoken to Michel Buchner, creative technologist at Tinker Imagineers.

A few months ago the company moved to a bigger building. What will the new building comprise of and what will be its main facilities? 

Spain, spring 2014. During the open space week with all the Tinkers, we dreamt about Tinkertopia. A highly inspiring space, with a studio, creative atelier and meeting point. All in one. With hubs for freelancers and an inspiration window like a living website.

Utrecht, autumn 2015. Our vision will become reality sooner than we thought. It will be realised at the Hamburgerstraat 23. Just around the corner. This former church is big enough to host Tinkertopia. Our current location was bursting at the seams at an alarming rate anyway.

The decision was made to up size the AV-Studio since projects where demanding more audio visual content. Our team now consists of an audio visual producer, multimedia developer, 2d/3d designers and non linear editors. We aim at the non conventional canvas, everything different then the 16:9 ratio and bigger then the full HD format. This is due to the nature of our projects which are mainly multi-projector projections in the 3d public space.

Which Facilis products have you bought?

We invested in a 24D/EX16 with 64TB of storage. This was a deliberate choice, because we’re able to upgrade the system with SSD’s in the unpopulated drive slots. With this option we’re able to expand the speed of the current system when the workload grows.

What facilities will the Facilis products provide within your facility?

We will host a mix of facilities on the shared storage. From motion graphics design to 3d design and some systems will be used for non linear editing. But also our render farm is connected with the 24D/EX16.

Why did you select Facilis – what features and functions attracted you to the product over rival systems?

One of our producers is experienced with Facilis. To be frank, we have looked seriously at two systems. In the end the reliability gave the final go.

Will the Facilis technology enable your team to work differently, more efficiently and maybe more profitably?

When you grow in size there is need for a central platform which mixes well between operating systems. The fact that you can share between multiple users and applications is great. This feature we’re also using for our render bucket so everybody has access to the output.

Will you be processing HD and 4K data through this platform – if so, did that influence your decision to adopt the Facilis solution?

With our motion graphics stations we’re creating crazy canvasses. At the moment we’re working on a canvas of 16400x1200 pixels, which is a real challenge. At the moment, TerraBlock’s operating speed is good, and we’re very happy to know that we can expand in speed with the current investment.

Do you see any potential for expanding your use of Facilis technology in the future?

Storage-wise we’ll be covered for the foreseeable future, speed-wise we could come back for more in the near future.