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Keeping the Hits Coming with TerraBlock Shared Storage


Encore Hollywood Case Study Image“TerraBlock’s scalable bandwidth and capacity instilled the confidence that our storage network would grow with us. It was the only tool that offered the performance and protection we needed, for an unbeatable price point.”- Homer Gentry, Encore Hollywood Keeping the Hits Coming with TerraBlock® Shared Storage Since 1985, Encore Hollywood has been the one-stop shopping destination for SD and HD telecine, online editing and visual effects, 2D and CGI, computer-generated graphics.

The award-winning post-production team is responsible for finishing leading television programs – including the top-ranked CSI family, movies-of-the-week, music videos and feature films. To stay ahead of the competition, Encore Hollywood’s post-production team constantly evaluates newest technologies to determine which will have the greatest positive impact on project output. One of the areas that affected all projects was storage; with more intense rendering
speeds and HD workflows, the team realized a storage upgrade was long overdue.

They had been relying on two rack drives to support their post needs, but powerful new processes were challenging the drives’ ability to efficiently process larger volumes of data. The drives were failing more frequently, and without the benefits of RAID protection, valuable projects could be in serious danger without a reliable storage network.
After researching a range of shared storage systems, Encore Hollywood chose Facilis Technology’s TerraBlock as the backbone of its post-production network.

Encore Hollywood Case Study Image“TerraBlock was seamlessly integrated into our two Nitris DS workstations and supports two additional rendering platforms that are networked indirectly,” explained Homer Gentry, engineer with Encore Hollywood. “It delivered the fault tolerance and speed to enable us to work in 4:4:4 – it was exactly what we were looking for.”


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