Remote Access and Remote Edit Solutions

Remote Access

Facilis uses decades of industry experience to consult with you on the the best way to achieve your remote access and remote editorial needs. See the situations below that may match up with your workflow, and our suggested solutions.


I have employees that work in the office, then go home and want to continue working there.

RDC - Remote desktop solutions range from the simple Apple screen share and Windows Remote Desktop to optimized software packages like Parsec, Jumpdesk, and Teradici. The best part of RDC is that it requires little bandwidth and can usually be accommodated with basic VPN. There are no large files to be streamed or uploaded to external workstations and the same login and credentials are used. Even a simple laptop at home can serve as the remote access point, it doesn't need to be a built workstation.


I have employees that have edit workstations at home, and want to use them instead of logging into a work desktop. 

Facilis WANLink - Facilis WANLink Client (Q2 2022) provides a secure link to the in-facility storage through the same Facilis Console software used in the facility. With a faster connection than VPN, and easier set-up, WANLink can solve the problem of secure storage access without dedicating a facility workstation for RDP.


I have employees that mostly edit in-facility, but some that need non-real time access to certain files at home.

FastTracker Web/VPN - FastTracker indexes all media in the facility, and can be searched remotely over a VPN connection or through a web browser. Remote users can download source files to their desktop and upload files back to the facility without ever seeing the server storage.


I have outside contractors that need access to download files, but they don't have access to my VPN or credentials on the server. 

Object Cloud - Using a local cache volume on the Facilis server, Object Cloud can be used to upload files to the cloud from the server and the attached desktops. On remote workstations any S3 client (for mounting or accessing AWS S3 buckets) can be used with the proper credentials to access and download files.


I have an outside contractor or studio that need to upload a large amount of files to my server, and cloud upload and download takes too long. 

Facilis S3 Private Cloud - To expose a volume on the Facilis server over S3 protocol directly without VPN or public cloud storage in the way, use S3 Private Cloud. Much faster than VPN copy operations, and without the multi-step process of public cloud, S3 Private Cloud shows up as a S3 bucket on the remote workstation. Outside contractors can upload files fast without storage credentials, and without access to other files already on the S3 volume.

More information on Facilis Remote Access Tools

Facilis WANLink Client (Q2 2022)

From facility desktop to home desktop, there is no easier way to access Facilis project-based volumes than the WANlink client. Using the same user ID and password as you do in facility, mount any number of project volumes securely with encrypted link to the Facilis storage on-premises. Simple setup that includes a port forwarded from your internet router, and nothing else. Administrators anywhere can mount volumes directly to any home desktop, with access speed much greater than VPN. Seamless project linking, Avid media sharing workflow, and FastTracker compatibility are all included.

Facilis S3 Private Cloud

The S3 protocol for data access is used across multiple cloud providers, and there is number of S3 client applications available for both Mac and Windows workstations. Facilis uses this S3 protocol to expose a volume of any size to the internet for direct access on remote workstation desktops. This method of remote access avoids cloud storage cost, as well as upload and synchronization delays. As soon as data is copied or ingested to the S3 volume on a Facilis server, it's available for access across any number of internet-attached desktops. Folder-level security within the S3 volume protects project data from unauthorized access. Dedicated keys can be generated for certain file paths and only those paths will be accessible to the remote user.

Facilis Object Cloud

Facilis has integrated field-proven object storage software for managed upload to cloud storage. In-facility storage volumes are synchronized into a cache location that represents all cloud files with identical directory structure. From any PC or Mac desktop, access a AWS. Wasabi or Azure cloud storage for a virtual view into the facility cache volume. Give your edit and creative staff access to files on demand, and on their desktop. Contact our staff at to learn more about the Object Cloud product integrated with our Facilis HUB shared storage for video editing.

FastTracker Web

Facilis FastTracker is not only a great way to track and manage assets within the facility, it can also deliver file-based content to remote editors anywhere in the world. Through authenticated login to the FastTracker database in a web browser, the remote artist can download indexed sources, and proxies. Remote workers can also upload to pre-set locations in the server through the FastTracker web upload. User accounts can be enabled for download, and upload paths are set on a per-user basis. FastTracker is also a great way to manage media through VPN. Generate proxy files on demand in FastTracker for lower-bitrate sources that can be played in real time through most VPN connections.