IBC 2016
Booth# 7.B40
RAI, Amsterdam

9-13 September 2016


Facilis Shared Storage Technology Brings Affordable 4K and VR Workflows Within Reach of All Users at IBC 2016


New high-performance SSD offerings and cost-effective capacity increases offer best ROI in the shared storage market


homepage IBC 2016 newsHUDSON, MA (August 29, 2016) – At IBC 2016, Facilis (Booth 7.B40), a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will showcase the latest enhancements to its TerraBlock shared storage system for content creation and post production.

At IBC, Facilis will focus on hybrid approaches to shared storage systems and how the integration of solid state technology with traditional spinning hard drives significantly increases the available shared bandwidth for 4K+ production. Beyond 4K, organizations are increasingly looking at VR as the next big challenge that threatens to grind many post production pipelines to a halt.

Facilis will showcase its latest SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, which it has incorporated within the Hybrid24 and SSD8 products, delivering full resolution VR playback. While the integration of SSD technology significantly increases the available shared bandwidth for heavy 4K+ production workflows, it’s equally important to correctly and efficiently utilize SSD technology in a broadcast or post workflow. By combining the best of traditional spinning disk technology with enterprise-class SSDs, a hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds and gives users the ability to dynamically assign volumes where performance matters most. Most importantly, users never have to waste valuable space on SSDs with persistent data, since spinning HDs in the same enclosure are used for automated offload and mirroring.

For the first time in Europe, Facilis will showcase capacity increases across the model line, with substantially lower price points, making TerraBlock accessible to the broadest range of broadcast and corporate users.

Small footprint, big functionality
With 32Gbps Fibre channel connectivity and 12Gbps SAS SSD hardware, Facilis remains the performance leader in shared storage networks. For Adobe Premiere Pro users, Facilis is integrating Adobe’s project management to share and collaborate on projects and associated metadata in real time. Also announced is support for user groups in the TerraBlock interface, for easier permission management.

While SSD technology continues to evolve, Facilis remains focused on best practices for post production workflows. Simply adding high-performance SSD drives to a storage environment is not enough. Using Facilis’ virtual volume system, and hybrid approach with HDDs in a tiered design, Facilis offers proportional bandwidth and throughput equal to the requirements of the job, instead of the overly-complex SSD-caching solutions that can fail to deliver the required bandwidth when it’s most needed.

Hardware that further optimizes the SSD performance includes 12Gbps SAS controllers, for double the throughput of 6Gbps SAS, and 32Gbps Fibre Channel, made possible with ATTO’s latest Gen 6 Host Bus Adapters. 32Gbps Fibre Channel infrastructure can remove bottlenecks between the fastest SSD storage and connected workstations. In addition to VR challenges, Facility owners are already beginning to feel the pressure to deliver more 4K+ HFR content as UHDTV specifications evolve. 32Gb fibre channel delivers the fastest and lowest latency access to 4K+ HFR media that a lot of facilities are still wondering how to manage.

“In today’s market it is a matter of providing the most efficient and reliable shared storage system for the lowest cost. At Facilis, our complete focus is on this challenge and this year we can demonstrate clear differentiators between TerraBlock and rival systems,” says James McKenna VP of Marketing and Pre Sales at Facilis, “At IBC, our focus continues to be on streamlined workflows and highest system performance and flexibility, with a lower cost of ownership.”

Also showing at IBC will be the latest version of the Facilis FastTracker, a new application designed for cataloging, searching and viewing many media types within Facilis Shared Storage, including all major QuickTime, MP4 and MXF codecs, along with DPX and TARGA image sequences, to name a few. This easy-to-use system includes custom metadata tagging, catalog user permissions, “Boolean” search capability and incremental indexing functionality. FastTracker is the fastest way to find, view, and access media in your project.

About Facilis Technology

Founded in 2003, Massachusetts-based Facilis Technology, Inc. designs and builds affordable, high-capacity, turnkey shared storage and archiving solutions for collaborative media production networks in the film, television, education and audiovisual markets. Its production-proven solutions are fast and intuitive –making it easier for creative professionals to collaborate and work more efficiently. Flexible, scalable and compatible with industry-standard creative solutions, Facilis’ products blend seamlessly into any studio environment –boutique, mid-size or large –and have been installed in more than 3,000 facilities worldwide.

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