Facilis offers a way to demonstrate the functionality of Facilis systems and Web Console with a basic PC. These are the requirements:

  • At least 8 GB of RAM
  • Intel Quad Core CPU, 1.8GHz (or better)
  • At least 50 GB of available space on the internal system drive
  • An admin Windows user account
  • UAC > Never Notify (type “UAC” in Start Menu, open User Account Control Settings)


Download Virtual Facilis Software



  • Download Virtual_Facilis.zip, extract to the desktop, and navigate through the folders to the server installer.
  • Launch Facilis Server 7.2.x (x will change depending on the 7.2 version).
  • Follow the defaults and finish the install.
  • After reboot, create \Program Files\Facilis\TerraBlock\testserver.txt (an empty text file).
  • Open CMD as administrator (type CMD into Start Menu, right-click on Command Prompt, run as Administrator).
  • cd to the TerraBlock directory at \Program Files\Facilis\TerraBlock.
  • Type “smdrive –c –a –n5” and press Enter. The system will create a 40 GB virtual drive set.
  • In the TerraBlock directory, right-click on Authorize.exe, run as Administrator.
  • Enter in the serial number 12345678 and your company name.
  • Find the resulting TBLicenseData file in the TerraBlock directory.
  • Send the file to: license@facilis.com
  • Upon receiving the license file, place into the TerraBlock directory. Reboot.
  • Find Facilis Admin Console in the Start Menu. Launch and start creating volumes per instructions in the setup guide.
  • Install the Facilis Windows, Mac, or Linux client on another workstation on the same ethernet network, and that client will be able to mount volumes from Virtual Facilis using the Web Console. See Web Console Setup Guide for more information.