Facilis HUB 16S

Facilis HUB Shared Storage is an industry-leading collaborative system dedicated to post-production video editing and content creation workflows. The Facilis Shared File System included with every HUB server easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among diverse applications and image formats. With Facilis HUB, deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a scaled environment. Facilis HUB provides the performance to get the job done. Look through our video storage servers and all of the features they offer.

Facilis Shared Storage Performance

Model NameCapacity(TB)UHD DPX 2160p6K REDHD 7:1 24pUHD DNxHR HQ Pro Res HQUHDXAVC 480HD Pro Res HQDNxHD 220HD Pro Res SQ DNxHD 145XDCAMHD 50Mb
Facilis HUB 16S

Facilis HUB 16S

8 or 16 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Facilis 16S Capacities: 32TB; 64TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec or 4GB/sec