Facilis HUB 8S

Media Storage Server

The Facilis HUB 8S Media Storage Server is an industry-leading collaborative system dedicated to post-production video editing and content creation workflows. It has 16TB and 32TB storage capacities and comes with 8 SSDs on 12Gb SAS controllers.

The Facilis Shared File System included with every media storage server easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among diverse applications and image formats. Created specifically for audio and visual content, it is easy to use and inexpensive to deploy. It changes what’s frustrating about other network systems but keeps the scalability and reliability that they’re known for.

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Additional Features of the Facilis HUB 8S

With the Facilis Web Console, easily manage and control your media storage server. Create, change, and mount permission-based volumes. Easily login and manage your Facilis HUB 8S Media Storage Server from any browser and device. You can also permission your server for total user access or maximum security.

The Facilis HUB is capable of delivering 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a scaled environment. You can work with popular programs like Adobe in tandem withFastTracker Asset Management. Allow your team to get immediate access to indexed files through catalogs that can be secured with their user account.

Facilis HUB provides the performance to get the job done. Look through our storage area network servers and all the features they offer.

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Facilis HUB 8S

8 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Capacities: 16TB; 32TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec

Facilis Shared Storage Performance