Facilis HUB Hybrid 16

Shared Storage

Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 shared storage system is your solution for collaborative video editing. It is dedicated to post-production and content creation workflows. Starting at 80TB of storage, the Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 combines solid state & spinning disk drives with up to 128TB of capacity.

Included with the Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 is the Facilis Shared File System. It easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among diverse applications and image formats. With the Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 shared storage system you can work with the most popular video creation applications including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro/Creative Cloud, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, and more, making it your ultimate shared storage solution!

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Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 Added Features

You can also leverage the power of the Facilis Shared File System with the Facilis Web Console that is included with each of our video editing server solutions. The Web Console features browser-based administration and monitoring giving you full control over your workflow. Create, mount, and share custom volumes of any size with total access or ultimate security that look and act like basic hard drives.

With our shared storage for video editing servers, deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a scaled environment at a benchmark of 3GB/sec. With 8 HDD & 8 SSD on 12Gb SAS controllers, the Facilis HUB Hybrid 16 provides the performance to get the job done. Fill out our How To Buy form to learn more!

Facilis Hub Hybrid 16

8 HDD & 8 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Capacities: 80TB; 96TB; 112TB; 128TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec

Facilis Shared Storage Performance