Facilis XP16/24

Expansion Chassis for Your SAN

When it comes time to expand your online capacity, the Facilis XP16 adds a second 16-drive group to your HUB system on an External 12Gb SAS controller. This expansion chassis for your SAN is an affordable solution for increasing your shared storage for video editing.

Running at a benchmark of 2GB/sec, this expansion was developed from the ground up for moving large audio and video data. Find a storage capacity solution that works for you. With capacities at 64TB, 96TB, 128TB, and 192TB you have a variety of options to improve upon your existing set of servers.

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Facilis XP16 Features

Included with each of our systems is the Facilis Web Console. This software works in tandem with the expansion chassis for your SAN. You can easily create, change, and mount permission-based user volumes to get total access or apply security measures. Another added feature is our FastTracker Asset Management system. It partners with Adobe and other video editing software to give you immediate access to indexed files through catalogs that can be secured with each user account.

The Facilis XP16 is your solution for expanding your online server capacity and will help deliver high-quality 4K film color grading to a low-bitrate editorial in a scaled environment. Facilis XP16 provides the performance to get the job done in your next big project. Look through our storage area network servers and all the features they offer.

Interested in the Facilis XP16? Contact Facilis Technology at (978) 562-7022 to start the buying process!

Facilis XP16


16/24HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller

Capacities: Up to 256TB

Benchmark: 2GB/sec



16/24HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller

Capacities: Up to 384TB

Benchmark: 2GB/sec