Facilis HUB Shared Storage for Video Editing

Facilis HUB Shared Storage for video editing is an industry-leading system dedicated to post-production and content creation workflows. The Facilis Shared File System included with every HUB server easily accommodates multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among different applications and image formats. With our media storage systems, you can deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial in a bigger environment. Facilis HUB provides the performance to get the job done. Look through our video storage servers and see why Facilis Technology is your shared storage solution.


Facilis Technology Shared Storage Models

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Facilis 8 & Facilis HUB 16

8 or 16 HDDs on 12Gb SAS Controller

Facilis 8 Capacities: 32TB; 48TB; 64TB; 96TB

HUB 16 Capacities: 64TB; 96TB; 128TB; 192TB

Benchmark: 1GB/sec or 2GB/sec

Facilis Hub Hybrid 16

8 HDD & 8 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Capacities: 80TB; 96TB; 112TB; 128TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec

Facilis HUB 32

16 HDD on Internal 12Gb SAS Controller

16 HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller

Capacities: 128TB; 192TB; 256TB; 384TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec

Facilis HUB 8S & Facilis HUB 16S

8 or 16 SSD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Facilis 8S Capacities: 16TB; 32TB

HUB 16S Capacities: 32TB; 64TB

Benchmark: 3GB/sec or 4GB/sec

Facilis HUB One (D16 Stack)

32 to 128 HDD on 12Gb SAS Controllers

Facilis HUB One on 32Gb FC

Capacities: 128TB to 1PB

Benchmark: 3.5GB/sec

Facilis XP16

16 HDD on External 12Gb SAS Controller

Capacities: 64TB; 96TB; 128TB; 192TB

Benchmark: 2GB/sec

Facilis Shared Storage Performance


Model NameCapacity (TB)UHD DPX 2160p6K RED HD 7:1 24pUHD DNxHR HQ

Pro Res HQ


DNxHD 220

HD Pro Res SQ

DNxHD 145

Facilis 832, 48, 64, 9616710141845

Facilis HUB 16

64, 96, 128, 192

Facilis HUB 32128, 192, 256, 3843161825455896
Facilis HUB One (D16 Stack)128, 192, 25632022305366112
Facilis HUB Hybrid 16* / 8S80, 96, 112, 128 / 16, 3232830426588180
Facilis HUB 16S32, 6443033487096200

TerraBlock Systems

TerraBlock video servers for post-production editing are available as legacy units through 2019 for any customer who wants to maintain like-servers in their environment. All TerraBlock units offer legendary performance and reliability and are guaranteed to be supported through available support and warranty extensions for five years with new software releases and hardware warranty.