Facilis Technology Announces New Products for Remote Access and Asset Management

HUDSON, MA (February 2020) –  Facilis Technology, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, is pleased to announce new products and features aimed at remote access and management.

Facilis Edge Sync is a multi-site synchronization product that utilizes cloud as an intermediary storage for synchronizing data to remote workstations bi-directionally with on-prem storage. This product enables media sharing among multiple instances of editing software from Adobe, Blackmagic Design and Avid. “This product not only lets editors at home access the latest media being generated in the facility, but it also serves as an off-site backup for critical project data” says Jim McKenna, Chief Marketer at Facilis Technology, “When media is added in the facility or at a remote location, it’s instantly available in every other location as a sparse file that can be restored on demand or on schedule for real-time playback.” Read the full article here.