HUDSON, MA (May 14th, 2019)The Danish production company Pineapple Entertainment recently chose a Facilis shared storage solution to enable a collaborative approach to media production.

Based in Copenhagen City with a staff of around 50 people, Pineapple Entertainment’s core business is TV programs; however, since its establishment, Pineapple Entertainment has expanded to produce over 200 hours per year of fun, relevant and powerful content for all media platforms.

Recently a change to Pineapple’s production portfolio meant that it needed to consider a more collaborative storage solution.

“Previously a lot of our programmes, such as talk shows, needed only one editor, but we started bringing in more factual entertainment programmes that required multiple editors working simultaneously on the same material,” said Christian Martens, Head of Production, Pineapple Entertainment. “We had two suites connected with a NAS but no project sharing, and the rest was standalone storage, so we began looking at a suitable collaborative storage replacement.”