Whitepaper: Fibre Channel Connectivity in Modern Content Creation Workflows

The Dilemma - IT Infrastructure Convergence with Rich Media Production

For over a decade now, content creation infrastructure has been penetrated by IP-based networks and network-attached storage products. Shared storage, once the bastion of a handful of high-end facilities, has become commonplace with the help of network file systems and lower cost 1/10Gb Ethernet hardware. The most popular workstation operating systems have decent compatibility with these systems, and mapping network shares to the desktop for access to project files is a popular workflow.

It’s time for content creation professionals to pose the question, what do we lose in the move toward NAS topology, and what is better achieved through Fibre Channel with a custom shared file system?

It’s true that operators and administrators have learned to deal with challenges in the IP-based workflow that would not occur in traditional SAN-based environments. These include dependency on external IT resources (DHCP, DNS, Active Directory), dependency on desktop OS file system support, lack of isolation causing traffic disruptions and security concerns, and higher resource usage on desktop PCs when processing Ethernet transactions. Are these limitations necessary?

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