Archiware’s P5 suite of software for Facilis TerraBlock and Backup & Archive

Facilis Technology and data management solution developer Archiware announced at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2014 in Amsterdam that they’ve teamed up to bring Archiware’s P5 suite of software to Facilis’ TerraBlock Shared Storage and SyncBlock disk and tape-based backup and archive systems. The newly-developed integration facilitates an intuitive, flexible and efficient end-to-end workflow for storage, synchronization, backup and archival.

“After testing the products in an integrated workflow, we were impressed by the results. The integration gives TerraBlock and Archiware users intuitive new features and functionality that extend their creative workflows,” said Archiware Business Development Manager Dr. Marc Batschkus. “Facilities using TerraBlock also now have the option to add SyncBlock hardware and more easily build a central repository for their work that they can repurpose in the future as needed.” Read more.