Upgrade Instructions


TerraBlock Version 7 Requirements:

TerraBlock Version 7 supports TerraBlock serial numbers TB01418+. Existing servers require Windows 7 SP1 64bit OS with a minimum of 6GB of RAM; new Version 7 systems ship with Windows 10 OS. Any system with a valid support contract meeting these requirements is eligible to upgrade.

- Facilis servers running Version 7.1.1 or higher will also need the following Microsoft KB for SHA-2 code signing: KB3033929

Request a License via Email:

A new TBLicenseData file will need to be generated to obtain a Version 7 license if upgrading from Version 6 or earlier.  Contact support@facilis.com for instructions on generating the TBLicenseData file and obtaining the license. If you are already running a Version 7 release then you can send the existing TBLicenseData from C:\Program Files\Facilis\TerraBlock.

Download Software:

Go to the Download Center and sign up or use a current account to access the latest builds of TerraBlock software. Be sure that the email address used on the account is the best way to contact you with any technical bulletins or release notices.


Read through the TerraBlock Version 7 Release Notes included in the software download, and follow instructions carefully.

Let Us Know/Feedback:

Enjoy the Version 7 release and the Facilis Shared File System. Contact support@facilis.com if any problems arise.