Shared Storage

TerraBlock is an industry-leading network shared storage system dedicated to post-production and content creation workflows. The Facilis Shared File System included with every TerraBlock easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform environments and enables collaboration among diverse applications and image formats. With TerraBlock, DO IT ALL - From 4K film color grading to HDV craft editorial, TerraBlock provides the performance to get the job done.

Shared Storage & Capacity Expansion

Fully Populated Hybrid Shared Storage

136TB, 144TB

The Hybrid24 is the flagship of the Facilis Shared Storage products. With a group of 16 8TB drives and a smaller group of 8 1TB or 2TB Enterprise SSD drives, this system is ready for whatever you need to deliver.

Fully Populated SSD Shared Storage

8TB, 16TB

The SSD8 is a speedy little 8-drive TerraBlock with 1TB or 2TB Enterprise SSD drives. This is the perfect add-on server for short-form 4K+ workflows. Add a TX16 expansion and customize your own Hybrid system.

Expandable Shared Storage

128TB, 256TB

At the top of the spinning-disk model range, the 24EX/32 combines 16 internal and 16 external 4TB or 8TB drives to produce more stream count and raw bandwidth for 4K and HDR editorial workflows.


Fully Populated Shared Storage

96TB, 192TB

The TerraBlock 24D is a building block for many larger facilities with a traditional form factor shipped since 2004. Continually updated hardware and optimizations in software have kept the 24D at the top of it's class.

Expandable Shared Storage

64TB, 128TB

The 24EX/16 holds a single group of 16 drives, and delivers powerful performance with low overhead and an affordable cost of entry. A TX16 can be added to the 24EX/16 to create a  higher-performance 24EX/32.

Expandable Shared Storage

48TB, 96TB

The 24EX/12 is "half a 24D", and offers a low cost of entry with easy expandability to 96 or 192TB. Even with 12 drives this 24EX can handle some intense 444 HD and compressed 4K workflows.

Expandable Shared Storage


The 24EX/8 is the starting point for the larger server enclosures with redundant power supplies and internal expandability. A high-bandwidth connectivity card and spare drive comes standard with the 5u server models.


Entry-Level Shared Storage


The 8D is a revolutionary value in shared storage systems. All the software features of the larger servers, and a cost of entry at only $9,999 USD. Spare drive and rail kit is optional, and comes with a single power supply.

Capacity Expansion

64TB, 128TB

The TX16 delivers high-speed expansion of TerraBlock systems over 6Gb SAS. At a lower cost/GB than internal TerraBlock storage, scaling capacity is affordable and easy with quick setup time and immediate availability.


Management Tools

The Management Tools from Facilis Technology are built with only one thing in mind - fast access to your storage with minimal complexity. As a system well tuned for project-based volume workflows, it's important that complex projects are represented by simple volume lists, volume creation and permission settings are intuitive to administrate and work the same way every time. You'll find no system faster at creating, allocating and accessing new storage volumes for project-based work than TerraBlock. We do this so you can get back to the work that really matters - creating compelling content for your customers.

Facilis Shared File System

Facilis means simple, and our approach to video project sharing is different. Instead of focusing on expensive and complex hardware to get around the inefficiencies of common network file systems, we change the network itself. The Facilis Shared File System is unique in the market, delivering video and audio data over Fibre Channel and Ethernet connections, through a custom protocol that avoids the overhead and latencies of network storage systems. Developed in 2009 and compatible with all major operating systems, our method of data sharing is in use at thousands of facilities worldwide, and helping to produce some of the most compelling content in the business.

Hybrid24 SSD8 24EX/32 24D 24EX/16 24EX/12 24EX/8 8D TX16
Storage Type Fully Populated Hybrid Shared Storage Fully Populated SSD Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Fully Populated Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Expandable Shared Storage Entry-Level Shared Storage Capacity Expansion
Capacity Options 136TB, 144TB 8TB, 16TB 128TB, 256TB 96TB, 192TB 64TB, 128TB 48TB, 96TB 32TB 32TB 64TB, 128TB
Connectivity 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet 8/16Gb Fibre 1/10/40Gb Ethernet Included: 4 x 1Gb Ethernet 6Gb SAS
4K 2160p DPX 6400Mbps 2 x 24p** 2 x 24p 1 x 24p 1 x 24p 1 x 24p - - - -
RED 6K HD 7:1 900Mbps 15 x 24p* 14 x 24p 12 x 24p 10 x 24p 8 x 24p 5 x 24p 4 x 24p 4 x 24p 5 x 24p
UHD DNxHR HQ 712Mbps 18 x 24p* 17 x 24p 13 x 24p 11 x 24p 7 x 24p 6 x 24p 5 x 24p 5 x 24p 6 x 24p
XAVC 2160p 4K 600Mbps 21 x 60p* 23 x 60p 16 x 60p 12 x 60p 10 x 60p 8 x 60p 6 x 60p 6 x 60p 8 x 60p
Pro Res HD 4444 330Mbps 38 x 30i* 42 x 30i 29 x 30i 18 x 30i 15 x 30i 12 x 30i 10 x 30i 10 x 30i 12 x 30i
Pro Res HQ/DNxHD 220Mbps 54 x 30i* 50 x 30i 30 x 30i 24 x 30i 18 x 30i 15 x 30i 12 x 30i 12 x 30i 15 x 30i
Pro Res/DNxHD 145MBps 78 x 30i* 72 x 30i 41 x 30i 34 x 30i 24 x 30i 17 x 30i 14 x 30i 14 x 30i 17 x 30i
Stream counts are based on Multi-user Write RAID5 Virtual Volumes at 100% full. TerraBlock’s virtualization maintains full stream count even at full capacity and at high levels of fragmentation. TerraBlock supports a diverse array of workflows, from 4K DPX color grading to low-bitrate editorial for web broadcast. Your connectivity choice is based on your workflow requirements, not the architecture of the storage. 1Gb Ethernet clients collaborate with 16Gb Fibre Channel clients on the same writable volumes, at a fraction of the cost. Share the Performance - TerraBlock.
** SSD-based volumes only
* Aggregate SSD and HDD drive sets