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About Facilis' Shared Storage Solutions

Facilis Technology designs and builds shared storage servers for collaborative media production networks. Our unique Shared File System is included with all Facilis HUB servers and allows complex, cross-OS network environments to collaborate workflow across media production applications and file formats. Whether your job is 4K color grading, VFX compositing or HD craft editorial, working with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, Apple FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, or Avid Pro Tools, Facilis HUB is a shared storage solution that provides the performance and collaboration so that you can create with confidence.

Press, News & Events

The latest news, events and press coverage of Facilis shared storage

Join us online at NABSHOW NY October 19-29, 2020

NAB Show New YorkOctober 19 -29, 2020   Facilis Demonstrates Innovations in Shared Storage, Asset Management and Remote Access Workflows at NAB Show New York 2020     HUDSON, MA (October 16th, 2020) –   Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, is pleased to announce new…

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Facilis Webinar Series: October 2020

New Facilis Webinar Schedule for October Since we can’t come to see you at one of our fall trade shows, we’re pleased to announce a new webinar schedule, all live and interactive, for the month of October. We’ll present and answer questions about many important topics affecting our customers in the area of Remote Editorial,…

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Facilis Technology and Versatile Distribution Services Announce Partnership

Facilis Technology and Versatile Distribution Services Announce Partnership HUDSON, MA (June 15th,  2020) – Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks today announced its partnership with Versatile Distribution Services to distribute their products throughout North America, South America, Central America & the Caribbean. Versatile Distribution…

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Remote Access to Facilis Systems

Remote Access to Facilis Systems We at Facilis are receiving multiple inquiries daily from our customers on the best way to enable remote access to data, for employees that choose to work from home. Using a VPN   If you use Ethernet to access your Facilis server in the facility, you will be also able to…

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Shared Storage SolutionsVirtual Volumes

Facilis has a unique way of creating virtual disks on demand that look and act like basic hard drives but are evenly distributed across a much larger drive set. Instead of a linear path, data is written on the entire disk surface at all times, ensuring that every virtual volume has the same performance, whether the system is empty or full.


Storage Area Network ServersFacilis Shared File System

Client software is necessary for storage area networks (SAN) but can be complex and expensive. Our Shared File System was developed exclusively for video and audio content, to be easy to use and inexpensive to deploy. It changes what’s old, clunky, and inefficient about TCP-IP network file systems but keeps the scalability and reliability that they’re known for.


SANFibre Channel & Ethernet in Perfect Harmony

Facilis does both seamlessly even on the same client workstation. We know the benefits in high-bitrate workflows, and we’re advocates of ethernet for its lower-cost scalability and performance. Any Virtual Volume can be accessed through any connectivity method, will full write permission on every workstation.


Shared Storage SolutionsWeb Console Management

Included with every shared storage servers, the Web Console is a user-facing representation of the Facilis Shared File System and virtual volume management. Volumes of any size can be created, size can be changed on the fly, and permissions can be managed with either total simplicity or ultimate security.


Storage Area NetworkFastTracker Asset Management

A media indexing application runs on the Facilis video storage server and tracks all the files entering the system. When working in Adobe, the FastTracker Adobe Panel gives the editor immediate access to indexed files through catalogs that can be secured their user account. There's a Desktop Browse Window for media access when in Avid, FCPX or Resolve, and for access to preview and proxy files outside these applications.


About Our SAN Servers

Facilis HUB storage area network servers are not generic NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices that rely on standard network protocols that can be changed or broken. Our Shared File System for video editing is unique in many ways:


  • Automatic multi-connectivity failover (including Fibre Channel to Ethernet) with no manual configuration required.
  • Automatic Load balancing of clients across multiple server IP addresses, also with no manual configuration requirement.
  • Historical and dynamic client and volume bandwidth tracking, as well as overall server load monitoring.
  • Simplified remote client deployment, enabling software update of every workstation from any connected browser.

Facilis Shared Storage FAQ

What type of facility would buy a Facilis system?

Any workgroup that produces image content for web, television or print can use a Facilis system. Most of our customers produce video content for delivery to networks and streaming content providers, or in the case of our corporate customers, internal use.

How is Facilis HUB different than NAS?

Facilis uses the Facilis Shared File System software, not generic NAS file systems like SMB/CIFS/NFS which are controlled by the operating system of the client workstations. Avoiding network filesystem overhead lowers the latency of the client-server communication, especially when accessing directories with large file count.