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Post Production Asset Management- Finding the Right Balance for Your Business

If you don’t have an asset management system currently, how do you know if your business could benefit from such a system? Which type is right for your business?

Video production workflows are constantly evolving. File formats and resolutions change, cameras come and go, all in search of creating the next award-winning show. Regardless of the camera and equipment used, one thing is certain, the amount of file-based media being captured in a production continues to grow, in some cases exponentially.  With so much footage being ingested, the demands on storage systems in terms of bandwidth and capacity are obviously high.  Media asset management (MAM) solutions are plentiful and designed to help people organize and easily retrieve media.  However, not all MAM solutions are created equal, and different workflows have different needs.

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Production for UHDTV – Is Your Facility Ready?

For post production companies keeping a watchful eye on the constant evolution of acquisition formats and delivery standards, staying ahead of the curve can be quite an exercise. This document will look at the challenges of dealing with this constantly changing landscape where bigger is always better in the eyes of clients. We will explore the challenges of maintaining workflow efficiency and profitability through optimized shared storage infrastructure. In particular, we will examine the impact of current and future high-resolution formats as part of UHDTV’s evolution.

* UHDTV and Evolving Acquisition Formats
* Saying Yes To Any Project
* The Hybrid Solution
* Connectivity and Flexibility
* Guaranteed Storage Performance and Consistency
* 4K — Only a Bump in the Road
* Conclusion–Future Proofing your Storage Investment