Shared Storage for Animation & VFX

Shared storage is essential for any shop dealing with animation or VFX. One storage location means every member of your team will have fast access to easily connect and contribute at will. Users at every step in the pipeline can quickly open, edit and store files, allowing you streamlined collaboration to get projects done sooner.

Image courtesy of Facilis customer The Hettema Group.

Why You Need Shared Storage

Utilizing a Facilis Shared Storage Solution for all of your storage needs allows for a smooth content workflow process, without sacrificing time or quality. The Facilis HUB Shared Storage system can provide 4K grading efficiently over high-capacity bandwidth connections. No matter if you're a director, producer or artist, you'll have the files in front of you as soon as you need them. And you'll never waste time looking for errant files regardless of who worked on them last since everything is kept in one place throughout production.

How Your Workflow Can Work Better

VFX compositing, 3D modeling, renders and animations can take up a massive amount of space and be comprised of thousands of assets. With the scalable Facilis HUB Shared System connecting over high-speed Ethernet and/or Fiber channel, each member of your team will be able to locate and access files quickly.   

From ingesting to simulation, editing to archiving, your project development will be reinforced throughout creation. Our shared storage has seamless integration with industry standard animation and VFX tools like Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon and many more to make sure your team stays on the cutting edge.   

Why Facilis Technology?

Facilis is dedicated to bringing you advanced network shared storage that works within your workflow, and within your budget. For over 15 years, our knowledgeable staff has provided expert support for agencies working with video production. Let us help you choose the right solution for your Animation and VFX needs, complete with continued assistance even after the installation is complete. Get a personalized quote to get your order started today.