Shared Storage

for Government Video

Montgomery Community Media production staff

Image courtesy of Facilis customer Montgomery Community Media.

Shared Storage for Agencies, Governments, and Public Access

Governments, Law Enforcement, Agencies and other Public entities cover a wide range of video teams. These include marketing teams, training groups, branches of the military to local public broadcasting groups.

Facilis Shared storage can accommodate small or large groups with all their content and project data. Our FastTracker Asset Management helps Search and Organize the data while our Archive & Object Cloud solutions allow you to preserve data for the long term.

Our Shared storage promotes Team collaboration for organization working together on premise or remotely at different sites. Facilis Shared Storage File system, Administration tools, Client access software and hardware are perfectly optimized for video collaboration with file level sharing capabilities allowing editors on any connected workstation to capture, access and share in real time from a common pool of media files.

Government and military organizations all over the globe choose Facilis Shared Storage solutions to create content for their communications and to improve their production schedules. With Public Access and Local Governments, they are no longer just focused on over-the-air channels. A lot of content ends up on the web, whether it’s on YouTube channels, Facebook pages, or other Social Media. They have become more likened to Media Centers and traditional TV stations.

Facilis Shared Storage is Easy to Use. This allow people to be trained quickly and focused on the content creation aspect of their role.The storage can be easily connected to client workstations via Fibre Channel, while others can access the storage via Ethernet from laptops or remotely. The Facilis system also supports industry leading play-to-air systems as well as Live Capture multi-channel ingest systems.

Facilis Shared Storage allows organization to finally be free of the mountain of drives and all the hassles associated with them. The new Facilis Web Console makes it even easier to access our storage from anywhere to grant permissions and create volumes. Multiple editors, artists and content creators can work at the same time while reporters are browsing footage from their desks deciding how they’ll want a to put a story together.

Why Choose Facilis?

Our highly reliable, affordable and top-of-the-line equipment will provide the infrastructure to support you and all the requirements for the Government sector. Let our knowledgeable staff help custom design the system that's right for your organization and offer guidance to set it all up in a way that works for you.