Video Storage Servers & Media Management

TerraBlock is an industry-leading network shared storage system and video storage server dedicated to 4K film and video post-production and content creation workflows. The Facilis Shared File System is included with every TerraBlock, and easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform online environments. Facilis’ data storage systems enable collaboration among many diverse applications, operating systems, and video formats. From 4K+ color grading and conforming to HD digital video craft editorial, TerraBlock provides the performance to get the job done.

The Facilis Web Console is a feature-rich administration and connectivity software that delivers total control to the administrator. Facilis Hub Server head unit allows for aggregating overall bandwidth and load balancing in Multi-server environments.  

The Facilis Web Console gives you total control over your shared storage environment. Create, change and permission project-based storage volumes, and deploy them to the desktops of the facility workstations with the push of a button. Monitor real-time bandwidth usage by workstation and volume, and apply the optimal server and client connections dynamically. 

Log in securely to manage the workgroup from any browser, on any device that can access the server IP address. Through our data storage system console, you can set up the user and group look-up with your active directory server for a single point of user account administration, or apply permissions based on desktop user account and/or secure user/password.

Even small facilities can have hundreds of terabytes of files across multiple hard drives, network locations, and online shared storage. Managing the access and locations of these files can be a challenge, wasting time searching that should be used for production. Included with every TerraBlock video storage server sold, Facilis delivers the fastest way to index, tag, search and access your video, audio and still format media across TerraBlock volumes. Supports 1 Million+ asset records, and is completely integrated with TerraBlock servers. Index and track media on network shares, local drives, and even cloud directories.

Using FastTracker, you can develop a custom workflow from ingest to edit and delivery, without the bloat of traditional MAM systems. Easy to learn and fast to search, you'll find this asset tracker to be a huge benefit in almost any workflow.

Designed to complement the TerraBlock shared storage server, SyncBlock 2.0 is Facilis’ latest line of integrated synchronization, backup and archive solutions that helps TerraBlock customers build a tiered storage network at an affordable price.

Using best-of-breed tools from Archiware®, SyncBlock enables artists and administrators to easily and cost-effectively manage backup and archive pools. Video production facilities will appreciate the data security and ability to restore Avid, Premiere and FCPX source media easily on a per-project basis. 

With our shared storage video servers, management software, FastTracker, and integrated backup & archive, we are your solution for data storage. Contact us today!