Shared Storage

for Advertising Agencies

Facilis Technology excels at supplying shared storage to any business in the advertising or marketing sectors. With the ability to be accessed by all the users within your company, any number of contributors can access, edit and store projects in the system. This allows for a collaborative environment throughout the workflow process to make sure your company is creating the highest quality production as fast as possible.

Image courtesy of Facilis customer Brandstar.

Why You Need Shared Storage 

The marketing process thrives on teamwork and you need the systems that will let that cooperation happen. Facilis HUB Shared Storage is dedicated to improving productivity through every level of your workflow. The system easily handles multiple platforms and environments from an array of applications and formats, from 4k film color grading to low-bitrate editing. Choose from a variety of models to get exactly the capabilities you need for your business. Perfect your process with enormous capacities to store on-going advertisements, portability for on-site shoots or simple expansion as your list of clients grows.

Performance to Match Your Output

Wherever you're accessing the data, it all remains in one centralized location. But having a convenient central location doesn't mean sacrificing performance. You can rely on our high capacity stations to keep transfer times minimal and accessibility high, thanks to the advanced bandwidth our Facilis HUB Shared Storage provides.  This all allows for simplifying organization and streamlining access no matter which step of the process you're coming from. 

Collaboration and Efficiency

From Support 4K workflows and beyond - improve ingest, editorial, and delivery workflows with a centralized SAN server, allowing data to remain in one place throughout each stage of your creative workflow. From ingest to delivery, Facilis offers a turnkey solution for creative media workflows. Collaboration is key to finishing projects in many advertising firms, but they may not have the resources to manage their shared storage server(s) full time.  That’s where the ease of use and streamlined workflow of Facilis comes into play.  

Growth is important to Advertising agencies but they need the proper systems in place in order to make it realistic.  Many agencies have diverse team of strategists, analysts, producers, designers, developers and campaign activators who are focused on innovative, creative approaches and impactful work. They work for some of the leading brands and organizations worldwide on projects ranging from brand anthems, docu-narrative storytelling, social-focused content, 360-degree VR video, to live-streaming. Many agencies start out with editors working on client projects which reside on bare hard drives that just sit on a shelf in each editor’s office.  They need editors to collaborate on the same project instead of spending hours copying footage to duplicate hard drives, so that each editor could have a copy of the project and its files to work on. These older workflows create a lot of barriers and problems for teams, including spending large amounts of time keeping projects and hard drives in sync, as well as tracking who had the latest version of every edit.   

Why Us? 

At Facilis Technology, we want to help you get the most out of your storage options. Crucial to running any production business, our affordable and scalable Facilis HUB Shared Storage will get you everything you need while staying within your budget.

Facilis is a cost-efficient system that delivers the performance the ad agencies need. Using the Facilis shared storage network, all editors can access the same footage simultaneously and it provides a central repository of the latest versions to everyone, so there is less versioning and copies of media being stored.

Creative Advertising agencies are continually on the cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of their creative work, which places high demands on their tools and infrastructure. They routinely work on high-bandwidth 4K projects, VR with 360-degree video, and utilizing on-site, same-day video edits that help brands take advantage of short news cycles in a timely manner. 

Facilis shared storage solutions increase speed and the quality of work for many agencies.  In addition to increase speed. Facilis offers more flexible workflows, and gives the agencies more ability to take on more projects than ever before. Additionally, the projects they work on are higher quality than before because they have the right people can now collaborate together on projects.

And you're not just getting the equipment you need, but also the support. Our knowledgeable experts will help you choose the right solution for your agency's needs, and we can offer assistance with installation. Browse our extensive selection today to make sure you're getting the most out of the storage that keeps your Advertising Agency running efficiently.