Shared Storage

for Houses of Worship

Image courtesy of Facilis customer Bethel Media.

Shared Storage for Spreading Your Message

You want to get your message to reach the world, and shared storage can help you do just that. Delivering it starts with ingesting or recording your service or other digital content, protecting it on a server, and making it easily available to everyone within your organization and beyond. 

You can go straight to storage with raw footage placed directly into organized Virtual Volumes on your shared storage server. You'll have access to it immediately from anywhere on the network, so you can begin any post-production necessary as soon as you're done recording.

Helping You Serve

You don't just want your message reaching the people that are present, you want to get your message out there more widely. With Facilis Shared Storage solutions you can take your content from the servers, another house of worship in the family, remote location or the local broadcast studio.

When you're done collecting, processing and distributing, you can save your video for as long as you want with high capacity drives and archive for long term protection. Keep hours and hours of work all in one place, in a location stable enough that you can rely on it to deliver for years to come, and secure enough where you won't ever need to worry who has access.

Enable better collaboration among your congregation, back-up all your valuable recordings and reach more people with the important things you have to say. Facilis advanced, turn-key storage networking solutions give you the answers you need for the future, right now. With over 15 years of experience in delivering quality media storage, our team is ready to deliver excellence for whatever your goals may be. 

Why Facilis?

Our affordable and top-of-the-line equipment will provide the infrastructure to support you and all the requirements of your establishment. Let our knowledgeable staff will help custom design the system that's right for your organization and offer guidance to set it all up in a way that works for you. Get the performance your message deserves and get in touch with us today