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Celebrating 10 years of the Facilis Shared File System 

Facilis Technology is a software company that designs turn-key storage solutions. Most of the software development at Facilis is focused on improving the performance, efficiency and compatibility of our products' major feature, the Facilis Shared File System.

It's a common misconception that any storage attached through a network is "Network Attached Storage". NAS is better defined as storage accessed through a set of generic network file systems, regardless of the physical connection. These file systems, like SMB (a generic server-client communication protocol), CIFs (a popular type of SMB), and NFS (a little better than CIFs and SMB but not as widely compatible) are the basis for traditional NAS architecture in enterprise environments. Most network attached storage in the world is Windows and Linux based, more Linux for internet hosting, more Windows for in-facility NAS. The vast majority of networking technology is developed for enterprise environments, not for media and content creation workflows. Read the full blog here.

Avoiding the “Shared Storage and…” Trap

Recently, a very knowledgeable friend said that the shared storage market right now is more of “Shared Storage and...” discussion, as these products are seen by the market as relatively all the same except for what comes along with them. At least that’s what the NAS providers would have you think.

There is a lot of marketing by storage companies around features that have little impact on the actual storage network, and are simply designed to make the storage more valuable. In turn, customers may end up limiting their field of vision to nearly identical shared storage companies that differentiate themselves only through varying collections of add-on features. Read the full blog here.

The Shared Storage “Spec”

The specification - used in a bid, tender, RFQ, or simply to provide vendors with a starting point, has been the source of frustration for many a sales engineer. Not because we wish that we could provide all the features that are listed, but because we can’t help but wonder what the author was thinking. Creating a spec should be like designing your ideal product on paper, and asking a vendor to come as close as they can to that ideal. Unlike most other forms of shopping, you avoid the sales process until the salesperson knows exactly what you want. This is good in some ways, but very limiting in others. Read the full blog here.

NYC - If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere

NAB NY is less than a week away, and when it comes to New York I start to get nostalgic. I truly believe that NYC is the real litmus test of an idea, an institution, or a product. For Facilis, the city was a proving ground in the early days of the company. Coming out of a chief-engineer’s role in NY myself, I knew that if we could satisfy clients there, we’d have a solution we could sell around the world. Now, there are more Facilis systems in Manhattan than anywhere else in the world. So yes, New York City is special to us as we prepare to set up camp for NAB NY 2017. Read the full blog here.

IBC Blog Herring

IBC Blog: Try the Herring

(September 6th, 2017) It’s September so it must be IBC time – but why should you take time to visit Amsterdam this month? The Herring. Order it raw and eat it with onions and a beer.

If soused fish doesn’t pique your interest, perhaps something being shown for the first time in Europe at IBC 2017, version 7.0 of Facilis Shared Storage. This release represents a considerable leap in the evolution of our shared storage solutions. Read the full blog here.

Hammes and Buhler postproduction

Hammes & Buhler: Facilis TerraBlock is the first choice

Following a trend for significant new customer wins in international markets, Facilis has recently announced a strategically important new customer win in Germany. Cologne-based post house, Hammes & Bühler Postproduction has placed a TerraBlock 24EX/16 shared storage system at the heart of its post workflows.  In this blog post we talk to Phillipp Hammes, CEO of Hammes & Bühler Postproduction, about this exciting investment. Read more.

Q&A with Adam Ford, Head of Post production at Fullscreen Media

Q: Tell us about Fullscreen Media

AF: We are a global network of content creators and brands focused on creating engaging entertainment across social media channels and our subscription service. We create and support content over a wide range of platforms and clientele and we have offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. We also create a significant amount of content in-house for our B2B branded teams and our own online consumer-based platforms, and so we operate as a full-service facility offering shooting, production, editing, and management. We also manage third party productions that are creating content out-of-house as well. Read more.

The Value of Usability Blog

The Value of Usability

There’s always a more complicated way to do most things. Rube Goldberg showed us how laughable it is to combine crazy machinations to accomplish simple tasks. Look around at your video post workflow; any pulleys and strings out of place? Is the cue ball hitting the frying pan at just the right angle? It’s comical to think of these mechanisms in normal life because all technology will eventually converge around one attribute – Usability. Read more.

Blog Yes, you can take it with you.

Yes, You Can Take it With You.

No, not your earthly wealth, your kids have likely already spent that. Your storage system! Now before you sigh and move on to the next article about the latest 10K camera, this is a very slick workflow and it might give you some inspiration. Read more.

Backup strategies for the small facility blog

Backup Strategies for the Small Facility

The amount of worldwide storage capacity being used for duplicates of files that exist elsewhere is staggering. However, a lot of that capacity is cloud upload of your mobile phone photos and videos, which is happening automatically when you get hold of a WIFI signal. If you didn’t know that was happening, now you have more of a reason to be cautious with your subject matter. Read more.

Wild Dreams

Wild Dream Film Builds Business with TerraBlock

Wild Dream Film is a multi-award winning production company based in Cardiff, UK, which has built an impressive reputation working in both the UK and US markets. The company has produced content for all the high end US broadcasters including Nat Geo, MSNBC, Discovery, Science, TLC, Spike, H2 and has produced around 70 hours of programs for the History Channel . Here, we talk to Stuart Clarke, Managing Director of Wild Dream Films about their experiences with TerraBlock shared storage. Read more.


Q&A with Ryan Kehn, Creative Director at Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment Productions

Q: Tell us about VWSE

RK: We specialize in live sports entertainment and production with an emphasis on in-venue displays. If you find yourself at a live sporting event watching a video board display, it’s almost guaranteed that VWSE Productions is providing the content for that, as well as the ribbon and auxiliary boards. Read more.

Tracking and Managing Media Assets - Getting Your Feet Wet

If you’re involved in post production, you’re probably juggling a lot of media these days; probably more media than ever before thanks to increasing shooting ratios and the prevalence of multi-camera productions. Some people say that 30% of time taken in the edit suite is spent searching for things, but with so many files, are you able to find what you are looking for? Read more.

Q&A with Nick Wiseman, Partner at Dancing Aardvarks

UK-based Dancing Aardvarks is a unique combination of a production company and ad agency, who specialize in commercial production from initial concept to final creation. This arrangement allows customers to reduce chains of contact and work directly with the people who are making their ad. For post-production companies keeping a watchful eye... Read more.

Q&A with Jacob Richmond Director of video production, SFJAZZ

Q: Tell us about SFJAZZ

JR: We like to think of ourselves as a “sanctuary for jazz. The SFJAZZ Center is the first stand-alone building in the country that is solely dedicated to jazz. We're located only blocks from San Francisco’s City Hall. Read more.

Q&A with Ira Klusendorf, Video Production Manager Steinhafels Furniture

Q: Tell us about Steinhafels

IK: We are a family owned furniture and mattress retailer and have been in business since 1934. We have 16 stores throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, and we like to attribute our continued growth and success to our 700 employees and... Read more.

Q&A with Tinker Imagineers Creative Technologist Michel Buchner

Tinker Imagineer adopts TerraBlock in new cutting edge AV production facility

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Tinker Imagineers is an agency for creative consultancy and experience communication. The team there brings ideas to life in exhibitions, events, brand experience centres, pavilions, and multi-media theatres. Read more.

Post Production Data Management – The Fast, the Cheap and the Good.

How to Find the Right Balance between Archive, Backup, Nearline, and Online. Data expands to fill the storage space available. Well, data isn’t really expanding; rather this is a corollary to Parkinson’s Law – “Work expands so as to fill the time (or space) available for its completion”. Read more.

Q&A with The Hettema Group’s Head of Media Production Eric Hungerford

Q: Tell us about Hettema.

EH: The Hettema Group was created by Universal Studio’s creative executive Phil Hettema. In the mid-90’s he led the designing of Universal’s Islands of Adventure, becoming a direct competitor to Disney. Read more.

Q&A with Nomad's Technical Producer Matthew Poletto

Q: Tell us about Nomad

MP: We are a global post-production company with offices in LA, NYC and London. We provide creative editorial, visual effects, graphics design, finishing and sound design services for television commercials, Internet advertising and... Read more.

As we say goodbye to another NAB Show, it’s always interesting to reflect on the questions we heard most often from customers and prospects on the show floor.  Not surprisingly, the amount of 4K+ resolutions coming in the door has grown significantly from last year for many facilities. Read more.

IBC 2015 - Facilis Recap

IBC 2015:  What an amazing show for Facilis! We would like to thank everyone who came by our booth. We also have a lot of exciting news to share with you! If you couldn't attend IBC 2015 in Amsterdam this year don't worry, we have all of the exciting Facilis news here for you! Read more.