Shared Storage

for Education

George Mason University Case Study Image GMU

Image courtesy of Facilis customer George Mason University.

Shared Storage for Education

Facilis Shared Storage solutions provide a collaborative environment, where students can access their projects and media from any desk or workstation on campus. Facilis is a storage area network (SAN) that allows for simultaneous, high-speed access from simultaneous users, which lends itself perfectly to educational environments.

Educational Organizations cover a wide range of teams. These include K-12, Colleges & Universities, Training organizations and more. The goal is to expose and prepare students for the real-world workflows they will see in their careers.

Facilis helps them prepare for the fast-paced collaborative media production environment.   Schools, colleges and universities will use different editing platforms, that's why Facilis was built to be platform agnostic.  We work seamlessly with industry-standard third-party platforms, including Adobe, Apple, Avid, DaVinci and others.   Facilis also allows for different connectivity methods depending on the bandwidth or specific application. This is the flexibility that educational institutions require.  Facilis can work seamlessly within the campus Network or a separate network for video, audio and content creation.

Many of our education customers don’t have dedicated staff to manage their shared storage.  Given the ease of use of Facilis, it’s common to have an in-house engineer and student interns, and others all managing their media and the system.

Why Choose Facilis?

Educational institutions need to keep their audiences engaged and produce a large volume of high-quality content within tight deadlines. Facilis provides the storage capacity, bandwidth and speed to help them accomplish this.  When a student or educator is editing content, they need it to be fast and reliable. Performance and reliability are two of our biggest factors in why Education uses Facilis.   We allow fast and efficient access to your shared storage that changes the way you work.