Shared Storage

for Video Surveillance

Shared Storage for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance has increased significantly over the last several years. Security professionals and law enforcement require video cameras to protect people and property more than ever.  Video Surveillance relies on have reliable, fast and easy to use storage.  That’s where Facilis excels.

The shared storage must be able to capture, store, catalog, and allow for easy search capability.  Facilis can offer all these in an affordable solution

Video surveillance has moved to more high resolutions in recent years which requires more storage than previously needed.  As demand increases, more cameras are connected and used.  This all means faster and higher capacity storage. Facilis offer powerful and easy to use solutions for local user and also Cloud access.

Also, surveillance retention policies have expanded over the years with further increases the need for more storage.  Footage is required to be kept for months and even years in some cases.

Today, video surveillance footage enables security professionals to identify threats, detect safety hazards, prosecute criminals and resolve civil matters. Because crucial information can be contained in just a single frame of video, it is imperative that surveillance storage systems be able to ingest tremendous volumes of camera signals without garbling or dropping a single frame.

Why Choose Facilis?

Facilis Shared Storage solutions have proven reliability and performance for the last 15 years.  Video Surveillance systems require 24x7 around the clock uptime and Facilis can meet those demands.  Our affordable and top-of-the-line equipment will provide the infrastructure to support you and all of your requirements. Let our knowledgeable staff will help custom design the system that's right for your organization and offer guidance to set it all up in a way that works for you.  Get in touch with us today to discuss your Video Surveillance Shared Storage needs.