Adobe Workflows with Facilis

Facilis TerraBlock With Adobe Premiere CC

Combined solution of TerraBlock Shared Storage server and Adobe CC workgroups

With TerraBlock, edit-in-place workgroups can be built with Adobe Premiere Pro, avoiding the need for local attached drives for high bandwidth media access. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported for full functionality on Facilis shared storage systems. Facilis has been an Anywhere and pro video development partner for several years, and every release of TerraBlock is qualified with the latest CC applications. The Facilis Shared File System is optimized for the playback behavior of Adobe software, delivering more steady and seamless playback for our customers.

Project Sharing

For years, video editors have enjoyed a collaborative editing with Adobe applications, but the project sharing feature set has traditionally fallen short of other editorial applications in the market. Addition of the Media Browser in Premiere Pro has increased its level of collaboration, and Facilis has brought this one step further with our own Adobe Project Manager providing a great solution as Adobe Premiere Pro Network Storage.

Facilis Project Manager

The Facilis Project Manager is a cross-platform application that applies and tracks the ownership of an Adobe Premiere Pro project file. Once saved into a managed directory, the project file is given an owner (hostname), and all other clients are kept from writing changes to that project file. The ownership can be changed or removed if write access is required from another workstation. This enables multiple users to open the same project file, and avoid the risk of overwriting another editor’s work. If changes need to be made while in a locked project, simply save a new version of the project to the managed directory. The owner of the project can then access those elements from the Media Browser.

Native Adobe Project Sharing Features 

But the future of Adobe collaborative projects lives in new features designed to further enhance the collaborative process. Team Projects, new for 2016, make use of cloud storage as a central location for project data. This is a similar product to Abobe Collaboration Hub standalone server, which uses a local server and shared storage to provide collaborative project sharing.

With Collaboration Hub running on the TerraBlock server, there is now one location for project sharing, asset tracking and media sharing in the facility.