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Facilis Shared Storage with Adobe Premiere CC 2019

Performance and Collaboration with Facilis Shared File System Storage

Facilis Technology has a long history of providing edit-in-place workgroups with Adobe Premiere Pro, avoiding the need for local attached drives for high bandwidth media access. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported for full functionality on Facilis shared storage systems. Facilis has been an Adobe Anywhere and Pro Video Development Partner for several years, and every release of Facilis Shard Storage is qualified with the latest CC applications. The Facilis Shared File System is optimized for the playback behavior of Adobe software, delivering more steady and seamless playback for our customers. 

With FastTracker Panel, the entire database of indexed media in Facilis Shared Storage systems is available for search, adding metadata, previewing video and audio, and even creating proxy clips on demand directly from the Adobe interface. The FastTracker Adobe Panel, available through Adobe Exchange.

When importing media through the FastTracker Adobe Panel, all metadata added to the record in FastTracker transfers to the project. This includes, clip title, notes, tags, and the proxy file location. Sources are automatically linked to proxy locations and timeline proxy toggle is enabled. 

Adobe Productions

Shared Productions gives in-facility editors the ability to work from a central productions file, while creating projects (like Avid bins) for their individual work. Productions work by enabling collaboration in the Premiere preferences and selecting a user name that will be displayed as the owner of the writable projects. From there, it's simple to create new shared projects, and these projects will be locked to the first user that accesses them.

A locked project can't be changed, but elements in a locked project can be used in timelines that are saved in open projects. This method of collaboration simplifies multi-editor jobs, by ensuring that projects will not be copied every time a new user requires access to clips. The project can be opened, locked projects can be accessed, and unlocked projects can be used to save timelines. 

Adobe Team Projects

Team Projects is designed to support collaboration between teams, including distributed and remote workflows. The feature set is built into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Prelude CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC and is available for Creative Cloud Teams and Creative Cloud Enterprise customers.

Video editors, motion graphics artists, and other postproduction professionals access the same team project file, stored in the cloud. Collaborators work within their applications in exactly the same way as they would on a standard project and share changes at any time. New versions shared with collaborators are tracked, so it’s easy to go back to previous versions, compare them with current projects, and copy over edits or other elements between versions. The Facilis Shared File System is fully compatible with Team Projects, and the media can be located through use of either local network path, C:\Volumes mount point (Windows) or drive letter/label.

Team projects is the preferred way to work with Facilis Edge Sync. When sharing synchronized data between multiple locations, the team project is held centrally on the cloud, and tracks the location of the imported data which is replicated on each workstations in the Edge Sync workgroup. Upon acquiring changes from another editor, the changed project file will link to any new media synchronized to the local Edge Sync Cache. In this way media and project synchronization enables fully collaborative editorial.

Facilis Shared File System

Facilis systems are not NAS, although we have the simplicity of connection common to network storage. Our shared file system is unique in the market, delivering video and audio data over Fibre Channel and/or Ethernet connections, through a custom protocol that avoids the overhead and latencies of network storage systems. Developed in 2009, the Shared File System is compatible with all major operating systems at the same time, on the same volume and with the same permissions structure. When avoiding the complexities of OS-based network file systems, our method of data sharing is simple, and interoperable with more applications than any NAS-based system.

The Facilis Shared File System can display network volumes as local-attached drives for better performance in Adobe applications. It's completely compatible with Mac OS special characters and naming conventions. All connections over Ethernet or fibre channel include automatic connectivity fail-over through software, and remote mount control for Administrators can control volume access on client workstations.