At Facilis, we understand that purchasing a shared storage system and complementary workflow solutions is a huge investment for you and your facility. Our expert sales team is available to guide you through the entire sales process and help customize a turnkey solution that best fits your needs – present and future.


Current Sales Promotions

Customer Loyalty "Trade-In" - 15% off, up to $5,000

While every Facilis Shared Storage unit is designed to withstand the test of time, we reward loyal customers with trade-in promotions that allow them to reap the benefits of our latest system iteration at a reduced rate. We're currently offering the following promotion:

Version 7 is not compatible with any TerraBlock server sold prior to June, 2011 (serial numbers before TB01418). Any TerraBlock model can be traded in for a 15%-off credit (up to $5,000.00 for single-server) toward the cost of a new Facilis HUB 16 (96TB or greater), HUB 32 or HUB Hybrid or HUB One Stack system. Updated July 1, 2019. Contact for more information.  

Competitive Product "Trade-Up" Promotion

Receive 10% off, up to $5,000.00, on any Facilis HUB 16 (96TB or greater), HUB 32, HUB Hybrid or HUB One Stack system when you trade-in an Avid ISIS, XSAN/Quantum StoreNext, SNS EVO, or Editshare system in operation in the last 12 months.Contact for full details. Updated July 1, 2019.

TerraBlock Chassis Upgrade Promotion

For systems over 5 years in service, Trade-in is recommended to access new Facilis HUB models and full system hardware warranty. For customers without budget for trade-in, or with newer HDDs installed in older chassis, TerraBlock 5U chassis upgrade promotion is offered for a limited time.

As of Facilis Shared Storage Version 8, serial number TB01936 and lower will become ineligible for new software upgrades, as the chassis hardware will not be supported on Windows 10. Promotional offer includes:

  • Replacement 5U TerraBlock Chassis $7,999 (normally $12,000)
  • Includes a 1-year Software Support Agreement ($1,990 value)
  • Includes 1-year Hardware warranty on the chassis

Replacement chassis hardware warranty renewal is limited to 3 years from date of purchase. Contact for full details. Updated April 19, 2019.