Facilis Video Storage Solutions

Facilis Technology develops 4K media editing servers for many markets including traditional Post Production, Broadcast News, Sports, Corporate Video, Advertising, Animation/VFX, Education, Government Video, Houses of Worship, and Video Surveillance. Facilis provides cost-effective, high performance video storage solutions with integrated Asset Tracking and Archive/Backup tools. In addition, Facilis continually qualifies compatibility with best-of-breed technology from industry-leading partners in Media Asset Management, Archive, Ingest, Editorial/Graphics, Ingest/Playback and Broadcast Automation. Begin the buying process of our shared storage for video editing today!

Image courtesy of Facilis customer Virgin Media Television.

Video & Audio Post Production

Enable a collaborate approach to media production, whether it's Adobe, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Resolve, or other. Deliver 4K film color grading to low-bitrate craft editorial, all from a centralized SAN in your facility. App project sharing features are fully supported, including Avid bin locking.


Animation & VFX

Increase your network's performance so you can up your productivity, whether that's animation, VFX compositing, 3D, motion graphics, or other VFX/GFX workflows. Adobe, Autodesk, Maxon, and more are fully supported, from real-time creative workflows to exports and renders all on a centralized storage.


Broadcast News

Improve broadcast and playout workflows with high-performance, centralized SAN storage. All workstations have direct access to media stored on a Facilis server, allowing for rapid retrieval and playout. For field production, Facilis also offers smaller, modular servers that can easily connect to a larger capacity server back at the studio.



Quickly ingest, edit, broadcast, and deliver highlights, live events, and more through a shared SAN storage environment with our video storage solutions. Whether it's in the field or back at the studio, a centralized Facilis server allows all of your editors, assistants, and workstations to rapidly retrieve and work from shared media.


Corporate Video

Corporate environments often have in-house media production departments, and Facilis fits perfectly into that workflow. Ingest footage directly to the centralized SAN server, and immediately edit at high speeds across production workstations. Whether you’re a public access channel or large news organization, Facilis has storage solutions that meet your needs.



Support 4K workflows and beyond. Improve ingest, editorial, and delivery workflows with a centralized SAN server, allowing data to remain in one place throughout each stage of your creative workflow. From ingest to delivery, Facilis offers a turnkey solution for advertising, marketing, creative media workflows, and more.


Houses of Worship

Religious institutions often need to quickly turnaround content in a variety of mediums - local broadcast, online, streaming, and others. Add a high performance, centralized SAN to your workflow today, so you never need to worry again about where your media is stored.



Provide a collaborative environment, where students can access their projects and media from any desk or workstation on campus. Facilis is a storage area network (SAN) that allows for simultaneous, high-speed access from simultaneous users, which lends itself perfectly to educational environments.

Government Video

Municipalities, law enforcement, military, local, state, and federal agencies may be legally required to record and archive local meetings, events, and other government proceedings. By adding a Facilis turnkey SAN video storage solution to your network, you enable ease of access on multiple workstations for ingest, playout, editorial, export, and backup/archive.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance needs high capacity, and easy access to record hours of footage, 24/7. Facilis offers a high performance, high capacity, centralized SAN server that easily integrates with backup/archive solutions. Whether that's on-premise nearline/LTO or frequently uploads to cloud storage, Facilis' turnkey video storage solution makes any of these workflows quick and easy to setup.