Shared Storage

for Corporate Video

Image courtesy of Facilis customer ICON Health & Fitness.

The Advantage of Shared Network Servers

Consider all your in-house media needs handled. Facilis shared storage solutions give access to every facet of your production department at once. Your workflow is streamlined to service your company's needs as they arise. With everyone working interconnectedly, collaboration is seamless from beginning to end. As your team's workload continues to grow, your storage and performance capabilities need to grow with them in order to remain productive. Your internal and external customers will benefit from that increased productivity and ability to hit tight deadlines.

The centralized storage unit will provide each workstation with every bit of data, as they need it. Doing away with linear transfers and adding superior transmission rates mean there won't be any bottlenecking, from the initial loading of raw components to the finished 4k renders. Your team will be able to open, edit and store high-quality media on the Facilis HUB Shared Storage. All while still allowing every other branch with access to get their share done. As each stage is complete, they'll be able to rapidly pass work along to the next step of your process.

Networking the Right Way

Our Shared File System was developed specifically for businesses working with audio and video content. We developed our system to handle changing volumes and permission easily, ensuring security as tight as your company needs without sacrificing usability. Reliable access with reliable protection means your team will be able to scale availability as needed.

Why Choose Facilis?

Facilis can provide all the answers to your storage questions. With over 15 years of experience bringing reliable, cost-efficient shared storage to a wide range of companies, we're ready to add your name to the list. Our reputation for excellence is earned through our world-class products, and backed by our team that specializes in state-of-the-art storage networking.

We've got a history of hands-on experience facility engineering, video editing and product development. This makes us ready to prepare your turnkey setup, complete with installation assistance and ongoing support. Get to solving your storage problems by requesting a quote from us today!