Facilis Web Console - Version 8 now available!

The Ultimate Shared Storage Management Tool

The Facilis Web Console gives you total control over your shared storage environment. Create, change and permission project-based storage volumes, and deploy them to the desktops of the facility workstations with the push of a button. Monitor real-time bandwidth usage by workstation and volume and apply the optimal server and client connections dynamically. 

Log in securely to manage the workgroup from any browser, on any device that can access the server IP address. Set up user and group look-up with your active directory server for a single point of user account administration, or apply permissions based on desktop user account and/or secure user/password. This is just one of the many features that come with our video storage servers. Start the purchasing process today!

Facilis Web Console Key Features

NEW! Per-volume RAID6 with up to 4-drive Failure
Multiple drive failure is rare, but it can really cause a setback in schedules. As drive age, Facilis allows the administrator to increase the level of RAID protection for new projects, up to 4 drives can fail in a drive group without loss of data.

NEW! Bandwidth Priority for Critical Workflows
Facilis servers are top performers, but when a screening or ingest is critical, you want to insure that the operator has the speed they need. Bandwidth Priority will keep high-important jobs running at full speed while throttling lower-priority clients if necessary.

Browser-based Administration and Monitoring
Access all administrative functions as well as client-side access control using standard browsers on any OS or mobile device using touch-screen enabled features.

Connectivity Failover
When the server is available over multiple paths, the client profile software will enable a secondary path to the storage if the first is interrupted, without any manual configuration or user intervention.

Remote “Push/Pull” volume mounting
From any browser interface, the administrator can manage volumes on the desktops of the client workstations, adding or removing volumes as needed.

Connectivity Settings per Volume
When multiple connections to the server are available, the administrator can determine the preferred network path on a per volume or per workstation basis. This can be used to increase or throttle access to certain volumes.

Direct-Attached Mount Appearance
Even when connected through Ethernet, mount volumes as Local Multi-user Write, appearing as a hard drive icon in Finder or Explorer. Network drive restrictions are removed, and OS-level access speed improves.

Dynamic Volume Ownership
In multi-server environments with Fibre Channel interconnect, volume ownership can be assigned to other servers to help with load balance, or as a failover operation in RAID51 and Hub server environments.

Accurate Bandwidth Monitoring
Explore current and past performance of your storage on a per-volume, per-user and system-wide basis with weeks of historical data at your fingertips. Help the team determine the overall load and where changes can be made.

AD/LDAP integration
User and group accounts through AD/LDAP directory services can be used to permission Facilis virtual volumes, through OS login or password protected console access.

Remote Client Software Deployment
Remove the task of manual install per-client during upgrades with remote software deployment. Select any clients and upgrade software with a push of a button.

Unscripted Persistent Mount
Per-volume selectability for persistent mount to logged-on workstations. Add security by disabling persistence or add ease of use with immediate access on boot.

The Facilis Web Console is just one of the many factors that make our servers your shared storage solution. Contact us at (978) 562-7022 to learn more!