Facilis Shared Storage Systems Support NewTek's TriCaster

The Facilis family of Shared Storage Systems including Facilis HUB and TerraBlock support NewTek's TriCaster multi-camera live video production systems, as well as its 3Play integrated sports solutions. NewTek customers now have the flexibility to record and play out multiple live-streams simultaneously, using an industry-leading multi-platform, high-capacity shared storage server that supports both 8/16/32Gbps Fibre Channel and 1/10/25/40Gbps Ethernet.


“Facilis offers an affordable, complementary shared storage solution for TriCaster and 3Play, delivering tremendous performance, and ease of use,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “Together our products offer a well-rounded solution for managing the most complex live production and post workflows.” Read more.