Wild Dream Film Builds Business with TerraBlock

February 27, 2017


Wild DreamsWild Dream Film is a multi-award winning production company based in Cardiff, UK, which has built an impressive reputation working in both the UK and US markets. The company has produced content for all the high end US broadcasters including Nat Geo, MSNBC, Discovery, Science, TLC, Spike, H2 and has produced around 70 hours of programs for the History Channel . Here, we talk to Stuart Clarke, Managing Director of Wild Dream Films about their experiences with TerraBlock shared storage.

Wild Dream Films has been Emmy nominated for our work and we are a world leader in Ancient world programs. Some of our standout and award winning films include ‘The World’s Tallest Man’ (CH4/TLC), ‘Dressed to Kill’ (CH4), ‘Subway Cops and the Mole Kings’, ‘Egypt Vice’ (Spike), Ancient Discoveries (History), ‘Ancient Impossible’ (H2) and ‘Pint Sized Preachers’ (Nat Geo).

We pride ourselves on trying to obtain the highest quality in our work. We have been post producing ourselves for the last 15 years. We were first introduced to the TerraBlock around five years ago and have not looked back. We do not attract external companies to use our facilities as these are available exclusively to our in house teams.

When choosing a new upgrade to our storage system, we didn’t consider any company apart from Facilis and the TerraBlock, which I can 100 per cent recommend.

What features and facilities of the Facilis system are most useful – do they enable you to work differently/more efficiently?

What we really like about Facilis is primarily the support and workability with the team in the US. I was amazed that Facilis, especially Al Rao, could move so quickly when we needed a super fast purchase.

I was sceptical that the new hard drives would fit effortlessly into our system but within an hour it was up and running without an issue (and still has not had a single issue).

The speed of access to the media and sharing media is a key factor in choosing Facilis’ TerraBlock. But more important is the reliability which has always been superb and has never let us down.

In the past sharing projects was difficult but now it is so easy we don’t need to think about it.  But what makes the company are the people and I can see Facilis have the power to make my life as a company owner easy.

Do you think that the Facilis storage system will help you grow your business – if so, in which ways?

Now we can undertake more multiple projects with ease. It will allow us to expand our storage capability and we can now be more flexible in terms or adding more edits suites as we grow the company.

We aren’t a facility company – but a production company – and as we grow we are confident that the back-up that Facilis provides is a ‘safety net’ for some of our quite complex post production processes. As deadline are becoming shorter – it’s great to know that we have a solid  and reliable system that hasn’t let down over five years – and we are excited to have a brand new set of drives which will mean we can keep pushing hard in producing quality.

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