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“The bottom line is that we want to stay well ahead of our competition.”- Ron Martin, vice president, engineering and technology at Deluxe Digital Studios

Deluxe Digital Studios has become one of the largest DVD authoring facilities in the world. With five locations strategically located across the globe, DDS is called upon by all the major studios to manage the replication and distribution of home entertainment DVDs. In any given month, several hundred DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles can pass through Deluxe’s worldwide operation.

This means the production teams are responsible for integrating many moving parts – and they look for technology components that can do the same. As the company’s services evolved from tape-based to video- on-demand/download-to-own and eventually to an entirely tapeless environment, Deluxe knew their storage  backbone would need to be scalable, flexible and administered by many professionals in different disciplines.

After evaluating many shared storage systems and a range of alternatives, Deluxe chose Facilis Technology’s TerraBlock as the backbone of its services. “Its high bandwidth environment, ability to interface with many technologies, world-class support and competitive price point easily sold us,” explains Ron Martin, vice president of engineering and technology at Deluxe Digital Studios.

“The TerraBlock has made significant impacts on all of our disciplines,” adds Martin. “It has doubled our production capacity, tripled our SD and high-definition work and quadrupled our download-to-own lines,” estimates Martin.

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