Facilis Technology Now Shipping Version 7 with Web Console Interface and New High-Performance Hub Server


Changes include Open Storage Attachment and robust aggregation technology.


HUDSON, MA (June 16, 2017) –Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, today announced the release of Facilis Shared Storage Version 7. The new Facilis Hub Server, a performance aggregator that can be added to new and existing TerraBlock systems, is immediately available. Version 7 includes a new browser-based, mobile compatible Web Console that delivers enhanced control, monitoring and administration.

“When we saw what the Facilis Hub Server could do, we were happy to be one of the first to place an order,” said James Jackson, post production supervisor at Q Center in St. Charles, IL. “We are doing more and more shared 4K workflows and we wanted to future proof our next investment. We look forward to playing multiple streams of 4K across our facility.”


TerraBlock Hub Server


With ever increasing media file sizes, and 4K, HDR and VR workflows continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure, the Facilis Hub Server is aimed at future-proofing customers’ current storage and offering the most powerful new systems available. The Facilis Hub Server uses a new architecture to optimize drive sets and increase the bandwidth available from standard TerraBlock storage systems. New customers will benefit from customized Hub Server Stacks with enhanced system redundancy and data resiliency; all while delivering near-linear scalability of bandwidth when expanding the network.

“We received great validation from customers at NAB this year, and were pleased to take several pre-orders on the new Hub Server during the show. Today, we’re happy to see those orders shipping out,” said James McKenna, VP of Sales and Marketing at Facilis Technology. “The Facilis Hub Server along with Open Storage Attachment gives current and new customers a way to take advantage of advanced bandwidth aggregation capabilities, without rendering their existing hardware obsolete.”


New Web Console


The new Facilis Web Console increases the efficiency of administrative tasks, and improves the end-user experience. The modernized browser-based interface delivers enhanced functionality and removes barriers to creativity. Facilis customers using the Web Console will enjoy bandwidth monitoring, remote volume mount control and connectivity fail-over, along with enhanced user and group management through local database or directory service integration.

“The new Facilis Web Console sets the bar for shared storage management, enabling many of the features our customers have been looking for, and some they didn’t know were even possible,” says McKenna. “It’s an entirely new way to manage workflow, and control not only permissions but access to storage in real time.”





As the number of files and storage continue to increase, organizations are realizing they need some type of asset tracking system to aid them in moving and finding files in their workflow. Many hesitate to invest in traditional MAM systems due to complexity, cost, and potential workflow impact.

“Many of our customers have found just the right balance with FastTracker,” says McKenna. “Administrators tell me they are hesitant to invest in traditional asset management systems because they worry it will change their workflow too drastically. Our FastTracker Asset Tracking software is simple but comprehensive, and doesn’t require users to overhaul their day to day operations.”


New Features in TerraBlock Version 7.0


Facilis Web Console

Easy administration, bandwidth monitoring, volume creation and permissions management from any desktop or mobile device via web browser

Facilis Hub Server

Increased Bandwidth, Simple Administration, Seamless Dynamic Aggregation, Head Unit / System Redundancy, and Data Resiliency

Open Storage Attachment

Securely share 3rd-party SAS and Fibre Channel storage using the Facilis Shared File System

Automatic Connectivity Discovery and Failover

Web Console will discover Facilis servers on the network automatically, and failover to secondary connection methods.

Automatic and Persistent Mount

Clients will automatically remount mounted volumes after network disruption, or after client reboot with user login.

OSX and FCPX Character Compatibility

Facilis Shared File System on OSX is now compatible with all Windows-illegal characters. This provides improved support for Apple FCPX.

LDAP/Active Directory Login Support

Real-time AD/LDAP user and group support when using Facilis Web Console


About Facilis Technology

Founded in 2003, Massachusetts-based Facilis Technology, Inc. designs and builds affordable, high-capacity, turnkey shared storage and archiving solutions for collaborative media production networks in the film, television, education and audiovisual markets. Its production-proven solutions are fast and intuitive –making it easier for creative professionals to collaborate and work more efficiently. Flexible, scalable and compatible with industry-standard creative solutions, Facilis’ products blend seamlessly into any studio environment –boutique, mid-size or large –and have been installed in more than 3,000 facilities worldwide.


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