Facilis Web Console FAQ

Where can I use the Web Console
The Web console has two parts, the Admin Console and the Client Console. The Admin Console can be used from any web browser (even on mobile devices), with access to the IP address of the server and proper login as specified in the Admin Console settings. The Client Console is installed with the Facilis client software and can only be launched on workstations that have Facilis software installed.

Is Web Console available over the internet?
The Web Console is only available on the local network connection that can see the IP address of the server. To be available over the internet, a remote user would have to be connected through a VPN. It’s called the Web Console because it runs in a web browser.

How do I mount volumes on a client workstation?
The Client Console can mount volumes to the workstation where it is launched. The Admin console can mount volumes onto any other workstation in the network that has the Facilis client software installed.

Can the Admin Console be used instead of the Client Console?
If the client workstations have the Facilis client software installed, the administrator can do everything from the Admin Console. This includes mount and unmount of storage volumes for the client workstation, login/logout the client workstation with different user accounts, and change settings for the client workstation.

How large can I make a single volume?
A Facilis Virtual Volume can be up to 256TB in size. Our system is based on project-based volumes, and all user permissions are set at the volume-level. It’s better to create many smaller volumes if each project requires security, or separation from other projects.

Can smaller volumes be resized when needed?
Yes, any volume can be resized up to the maximum volume size regardless of what size it was created. This can be done during production and the capacity becomes available immediately.

Is there a way to monitor bandwidth on the system?
The Admin Console has bandwidth meters available for workstations and volumes, and a status tab that shows the highest bandwidth consumers in the facility at any given time. This also shows historical data as far back as the server has been active.

Can I log in with the same user on different workstations?
Yes, there is no limitation to how many places a single user account can be used. There is also no limit on the number of user accounts, or the number of attached workstations.

Does Web Console work with Active Directory?
Yes, we can add AD/OD and LDAP domains for managing user accounts. The user account is looked-up upon launch of the Client Console to determine the current group access.