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Image Work Communications Increases Uptime with Facilis TerraBlock

Image Work Communications Case Study Image Image Work Communications (IWC), founded in 1986 and based in Woodland Hills, CA, is a boutique marketing agency and media production studio. Led by President and CEO John Lawrence, the agency plans, designs and executes a myriad of tailored multimedia productions each year for high-profile clients like Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Paramount, AT&T and more. IWC’s team employs a combination of strategic planning, creativity and technology to deliver productions that exceed client expectations, such as the recent videos it created for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command for its Guam relocation initiative.

At the core of IWC’s technological infrastructure, connected to six workstations, is the Facilis TerraBlock shared storage solution, which was first adopted by the agency during the transition from SD to HD. “Our local storage system wasn’t cutting it anymore. We needed something that could handle the surge of HD projects coming in,
and TerraBlock fit the bill,” said John Lawrence, president and CEO, Image Work Communications. “It was one of the most affordable solutions available and had a good reputation for its reliability.”20_facilis-case-study-iwc-cs2

Lawrence noted an increase in uptime after purchasing the TerraBlock from KeyCode Media and installing it, “Before TerraBlock we had to account for a lot of downtime, but now it’s a rarity; we’ve actually noticed an increase in up-time. TerraBlock plays well with so many different programs, so we can easily access and transfer files across multiple workstations quickly, which is critical, especially as budgets shrink and faster turnaround is expected.“ 

“It’s also so easy to manage so I don’t have to hire a dedicated IT person on staff. That is a huge cost savings for a micro agency like us,” he added. IWC fills its TerraBlock to the brim with every new project it tackles without fail. Lawrence said, “We’ve come close to filling our TerraBlock quite a few times, but have never experienced any hiccups. In four years we’ve never experienced any service outage.”

 Impressed with the reliability and time savings that TerraBlock provides, IWC upgraded its TerraBlock 8Xs to the TerraBlock 24D through Facilis’ customer loyalty trade-in program earlier this year. “The decision to upgrade was easy, because TerraBlock just works for us. We feel more comfortable and confident that we’ll be able to handle any project that comes through our door with it in our back pocket,” he noted.

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