Pineapple Entertainment chooses Facilis Shared Storage for Collaborative Workflow



Partners Anders Breinholt and Ricco Wichmann started the production company Pineapple Entertainment in 2013 with the desire to create Denmark’s best talk shows, adverts, comedy and live entertainment shows. Based in Copenhagen City with a staff of around 50 people, the company’s core business is TV programs; however, since its establishment, Pineapple Entertainment has expanded to produce fun, relevant and powerful content for all media platforms.

“We create what we term ‘living’ content for television, podcasts, digital platforms and anywhere else that the Danes like to watch,” says Christian Martens, Head of Production, Pineapple Entertainment. “We produce over 200 hours of media content every year – and we do it with love for a great story and passion for a great laugh.”

Recently a change to Pineapple’s production portfolio meant that it needed to consider a more collaborative storage solution.

“Previously a lot of our programmes, such as talk shows, needed only one editor, but we started bringing in more factual entertainment programmes that required multiple editors working simultaneously on the same material,” says Martens. “We had two suites connected with a NAS but no project sharing, and the rest was standalone storage, so we began looking at a suitable collaborative storage replacement.”

The Pineapple team set three main requirements for their research: the ability to share files, a system that was easy to use, and one that was budget friendly.

“We looked at systems like Avid Nexis, but having talked to guys I trust about this kind of technology, they recommended that the Facilis Shared Storage system would be the best choice for us,” he says.

Stjernholm & Co A/S, Facilis’ distributor in Scandinavia, supplied and installed the system, and Christian found the installation process to be simple and painless. “Kristoffer [Laursen, Stjernholm & Co] handled this perfectly. We have had very few issues integrating the system into our workflow, it worked really well.”

The system was subsequently expanded with two additional Facilis shared storage units that at first worked independently, but were later integrated with the first system into the main workflow. “It was very easy to expand the system – Kristoffer came in and did some magic for a day and had it running perfectly in a short amount of time, with no disruption,” Christian notes. “We now have 12 edit suites all connected to the Facilis storage so we can move people around easily from one edit suite to another. All the editors are used to having a collaborative system like this, and they are happy with they way it allows them to work.”

Since its initial installation, the Facilis system has made a significant difference to Pineapple’s workflow – in fact, Christian states: “We could not do the work we do without it, both in terms of time saving and the end result. We definitely made the right decision.”


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