Asset Tracking

Included with every TerraBlock system sold, Facilis delivers the fastest way to index, tag, search and access your video, audio and still format media across TerraBlock volumes. Supports 1 Million+ asset records, and is completely integrated with TerraBlock servers. Index and track media on network shares, local drives and even cloud directories. 

Using FastTracker, you can develop a custom workflow from ingest to edit and delivery, without the bloat of traditional MAM systems. Easy to learn and fast to search, you'll find this asset tracker to be a huge benefit in almost any workflow.

Facilis FastTracker 2.0

Even smaller facilities have several terabytes of files across multiple projects. Managing the access to these files can be a challenge. FastTracker is designed to be a fast way to index, catalog and find your video, audio and still image files across all your project based volumes. Once found, the files are available for drag and drop directly to the editing application. If the file no longer exists, the record still shows a head frame and thumbnail scroll that represents the clip.

Catalogs can be assigned permissions just like virtual volumes, and file records can be assigned to one or many catalogs. Metadata tags are customizable, to help narrow search parameters within the database. A media player is included, and allows for desktop playback of hundreds of formats and codecs.

There is no external workstation required, as the database and image thumbnails are held on the TerraBlock server. Being on the server, FastTracker has access to all the volumes, so remote/incremental indexing can be enabled on any volume from any client.

New for 2.0 - There is now a Preview Clip Generator, so clips can be previewed in the FastTracker interface whether or not the clip is online at the workstation. Also new in version 2 is Global Indexing, which tracks any new clip that enters the system on all volumes.

  • Filter files based on extension during index, to avoid useless files in the catalog. 
  • Secure clip data and images by user and password permission.
  • Search for files based on catalog, global search, or time since indexed.
  • Access clips from the browse or search tab, and drag/drop directly to the project.

FastTracker Demo Video