Backup Storage Solutions & Integrated Archive

Facilis Object Cloud & Object LTO

The way to ensure data redundancy with our video storage servers is to include a backup storage solution, incorporating backup and archive within an already functioning workflow. Facilis Technology has integrated field-proven object storage software to create a turnkey Cloud and LTO tiered storage system. Offline files are represented in the same volume and tracked by the same interface as active project files. With Object Cloud software, a Facilis Virtual Volume doubles as the cache volume for Cloud and LTO locations, making movement to archive and restoration of archived or backup files simple and fast. Contact our staff at to learn more about the Object Cloud product integrated with our Facilis HUB shared storage for video editing.

Object Cloud
As an add-on to many existing Facilis servers or any newly purchased Facilis HUB Shared Storage System, Object Cloud software utilizes a native Facilis virtual volume as the disk cache for a 10TB to 100TB cloud account. One yearly fee is applied and there are no additional fee regardless of how many times you access the files. Add the cloud account renewal to your Facilis Total Care support contract, and always be supported and protected.

Object LTO
When purchasing a 8/24/48-tape library from Facilis, Object LTO lets you use a native Facilis volume as the cache for your LTO tape storage library. Copy files to disk and after they’re successfully written to tape and indexed by FastTracker, the files are removed but still viewable in the folder. Use FastTracker to search video and audio files on LTO and if needed, restore them from the LTO for use in your project. Combine LTO with the 50TB or 100TB Cloud package and be protected locally and globally!

Enabling Archive & Backup

Many archive and backup workflows fail becuase of the complexity of the interface. Object Cloud & LTO works within a familiar interface of a simple desktop volume, or the FastTracker application. From FastTracker, select the files to be archived, and select a file copy profile from the drop-down menu. The archive location is tracked alongside the source location. After the source copy is deleted, the archive file becomes the primary copy.

Tracking & Restore

It's not enough to just send your project to the cloud or LTO, you have to know it's gotten there, and you have to be able to restore it. This is easy with Object Cloud & LTO, as the cache volume is available for simple drag&drop of your archive and backup files into your current work volume. If you want to search and sample your data prior to restoring it, FastTracker has a preview clip with audio for playback even when the file is offline on LTO or cloud.

Simple LTO Library and Archiware P5
For customers that don’t require the functionality of Object Cloud and would rather have a separate database for archived media, we offer more affordable LTO library support on Facilis servers through Archiware P5.

Simple Nearline Drive Arrays
Facilis has up to 192TB nearline drive arrays attached through 6Gb SAS to Facilis servers. These can be used for offload or backup and can be shared out through the Facilis Shared File System to the desktops of your client workstations.