Integrated Archive & Backup Storage Solutions

Our archive and backup storage solutions include: Single Tape Drive or 24 Tape library with Archiware P5 software. Up to 60TB in library with LTO Tape Storage. Single-port 6Gb SAS tape drives for deep archive and LTFS delivery directly from the TerraBlock server.

16 and 8 drive RAID5/6 near line or direct SAS-attached arrays. Cost-effective dual or single-port 6Gb SAS drive arrays for offload, backup and disk-based near line and archive.

Facilis NL16

Keeping your data secure is high priority at Facilis. Not only do we protect against drive failure internally, but we also provide storage locations for mirroring, synchronizing and archiving critical data. Our SyncBlock family of products is a backup storage solution that includes near line spinning disk arrays of 64TB to 128TB per enclosure. These "Tier 2" components are designed to serve as fault-tolerant locations for your project media, delivering fast retrieval when needed. In addition, these near line arrays can be used as Shared File System volumes and made available to any desktop on the network. The near line arrays are connected via multi-channel 6Gb SAS, with transfer speeds of up to 1.5GB/sec from the primary drive set. Every near line SAS array comes with a qualified software package for scheduling data movements through custom profiles.

LTO Tape Drives


LTO Tape storage is the industry standard for long-term archive and secure delivery of data. The tape drives and libraries sold by Facilis come with our qualified data movement software for LTFS formatted tapes, and we recommend Archiware for a more robust, integrated backup and archive functionality. The LTO tape devices are connected via 6Gb SAS, and Facilis includes the SAS card for the TerraBlock server with purchase of the tape drive or library. The 24-tape library can be ordered with one or two LTO 6 or 7 internal tape drives. With the TerraBlock serving as the archive workstation, you eliminate the need for an external system to manage the LTO processing. In addition, all the volumes created by any user are immediately available on the TerraBlock server for use as archive sources.

Backup & Archive Decision Chart

Once you decide that you need a solution for storage backup or an archive of your facility data, how do you determine what target to use? The cost difference can be intimidating but spending too little can cause critical delays. A compromise may be best achieved by first looking at how much, how long, and who's paying the bill.

As part of our SyncBlock product, we include Cloud Integration through qualified software on the server. There are several Facilis workgroups utilizing cloud storage for backup of critical project data. The pricing for cloud storage can be attractive, as long as the retrieval costs are well managed, and expectations are set properly with regard to download times.

Read more about the archive and backup compromise here: Post Production Data Management - The Fast, the Cheap and the Good.