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Facilis TerraBlock Accelerates Turnaround for PROMO SCAPE

PROMO SCAPEPromoscape Case Study Image (now remote digital), founded in 2003, is one of Australia’s leading editing, motion graphics, DVD and Blu-ray authoring houses. When the company’s CEO and Producer Tony Laughton began the search for a new shared storage solution to replace the studio’s aging RAID system, he knew that their need for quick ingest and turnaround of 3D and Blu-Ray encoding projects required a high-bandwidth system. After researching a number of solutions, he was drawn to Facilis TerraBlock at the 2010 NAB Convention. Impressed with its speed, flexibility and potential to grow and adapt to the studio’s needs, Laughton chose Facilis TerraBlock.

Upon installing the SAN, Laughton noted, “TerraBlock immediately streamlined operations for us. Our team of editors can now access drives from multiple platforms simultaneously at their 12 workstations, which has made all the difference when meeting client deadlines,” said Laughton. “Our clients also have the ability to visit the studio and quickly connect to the network to collaborate with editors on their projects.”

Clients aren’t the only ones impressed with PROMO SCAPE’s TerraBlock-powered workflow. Freelancers using suite space have commented on the speed and capacity of the TerraBlock as well. “Several freelancers using our studio  have told us that our set-up is more impressive than some high-profile television studios they’ve worked in,” added Laughton.

PROMO SCAPE has seen a rise in new business since recently integrating D-Cinema encoding into its offerings. The quick ingest and editing process supported by TerraBlock has enabled the studio to take on these new opportunities, which demand an efficient, streamlined workflow. “With TerraBlock as the foundation of the studio, our workflow is much more manageable and we have more confidence when pursuing high-bandwidth projects with quick turnaround times,” said Laughton. “Being able to quickly capture content and edit from one central location has increased efficiencies and allows us to fully focus on creativity without worrying about capacity and IT issues.”

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