DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design is a versatile edit and finishing tool for hundreds of Facilis customers.

Resolve Project Server is compatible with the Facilis HUB, and clients can work from the same project from multiple workstations. See the screen shots below of the HUB with project server active, and the workstations collaborating on the same project with chat.

Facilis works with Resolve Workflow Integrations in Studio 17. This allows us to launch the FastTracker application from the Resolve interface for file search and import to the media pool.


FastTracker can assemble thousands of sequential files like EXR and DPX, create proxy files for preview, and direct the operator to the EXR or DPX directory for import into Resolve. Using FastTracker to generate previews allows the operator to see the content without having to import the files.



Resolve has a very efficient playback engine, and this efficiency is best seen with 10Gb/25Gb client connectivity on OSX, or 16Gb/32Gb Fibre Channel on Windows workstations. When using the shared file system over 32Gb Fibre Channel, over 2GB/sec is available to a Windows workstation, and over 3GB/sec is available when sharing the volume as Single User.