StorageDNA is a great compliment to Facilis HUB storage, and integrates well in Facilis' customers workflow. Both products are designed around post production project-based workflow, and simplify the file lifespan management from online to archive. The Facilis QA lab has a StorageDNA unit for testing, and qualification is run on a regular basis.

There are three ways to manage data movement to backup and archive through StorageDNA.


1. Using StorageDNA server as a client of Facilis HUB, project-based virtual volumes are available to the Linux OS through the Facilis Shared File System. High-speed connection methods are available for the StorageDNA server, and transfers onto LTO are very fast.

2. Facilis HUB server can be utilized as an agent of StorageDNA, and the data from the volumes can be sent over the network to the StorageDNA server. This avoids the need for an external workstation to act as the agent for StorageDNA, and the transfer speeds are still very fast if connected through 10Gb.

3. A client workstation of Facilis HUB can be used as the agent for StorageDNA. This is a popular method because many facilities have workstations already set up for archive and backup duties, and the operator may be more comfortable with an OSX system.