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“We set the bar high for our clients, creating a seamless process from start to finish. We expect the same from our vendors.” - David Goddess, Creative Director and Partner, Spark Productions, NY

In addition to creative and cost-effective corporate communications and broadcast work, Spark Productions has been making a big impact on entertainment, retail and museum environments, like:
• Three-screen galleries for Nissan
• 31 dynamic monitors for Time Warner Center,
• festival-like montages for Ringling Bros Circus
• 360° immersive environments for Cannon and Radio Shack’s Store One

Spark Productions creates emotionally charged videos that make people stop, look and act. The team, led
by brothers Kevin and David Goddess, hosts clients in office to help them visualize the creative process,
connect with their project teams and define goals. Part of this process involves walking clients through edit
suites so they can understand the state-of-the art tools Spark uses to create lasting video impressions and
the graphical identity for each project.

A year and a half ago, the team was still working on local storage. Moving media from room to room
became a constant worry and a significant time and financial drain. Furthermore, like many facilities, the
rooms are different sizes, so depending on the size of the client group, last minute room changes were
necessary. Dave and Kevin finally decided that the investment in shared storage would repay itself in
peace of mind, productive media rooms and improved output.

“We knew we were losing a lot of time copying files and moving them from room to room,” explained
Spark editor, Bruce Chilton. “The best thing about our TerraBlock shared system is the flexibility. We no
longer have restrictions on rooms or creative tools, and can now immediately mount files so everyone has
instant access to them.”

Because environments are often created under stressful deadlines, TerraBlock’s shared storage has made
a significant impact with the Spark editorial team and workflow. It’s not uncommon to have five or more
people working on any one project at the same time, a process which, with local storage, could not have
been possible. “TerraBlock has given us approximately 25% more speed and output,” said David Goddess.

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