Upgrade Instructions Version 8 -                                Facilis HUB & TerraBlock Servers

Facilis Version 8 Requirements

Facilis Version 8 supports TerraBlock serial numbers TB-01937 and greater. Existing servers require Windows 10 64bit OS with a minimum of 16GB of RAM; new Version 8 systems ship with Windows 10 OS. If you are running Windows 7, you would need to upgrade your OS (no longer supported by MSFT as of January 2020). Contact Facilis if you would like to purchase a Win10 Upgrade kit (new OS SSD drive, new Win10 license and additional memory if needed).

Any system with a valid support contract meeting these requirements is eligible to upgrade.

Facilis Version 8 Licensing

Email support@facilis.com to request an upgrade as the process has changed with Version 8.

Server licensing works differently in Version 8 than it had previously in version 7.  This means all systems running version 7 and earlier systems will need to be licensed in order to properly function. To license a Facilis server you will need to create a product report, product label, and set license features.  Please contact Support to schedule your upgrade.

Download Software

Go to the Download Center and sign up or use a current account to access the latest builds of Facilis software. Be sure that the email address used on the account is the best way to contact you with any technical bulletins or release notices


Read through the Facilis Version 8 Release Notes included in the software download, and follow instructions carefully.

Let Us Know/Feedback

Enjoy the Version 8  release and the Facilis Shared File System. Contact support@facilis.com if any problems arise.