Xen Data is a global provider of professional data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other applications that require very high capacity file storage. Xen Data's Cloud File Gateway is the basis for Facilis Technology's Object Cloud - object storage on the desktop of our customers workstations, tracked and restored as active media by FastTracker or through the volume directory structure.

Facilis Object Cloud Sample Workflow

See Facilis Object Cloud for more details.

Xen Data also offers LTO management software that runs directly on the Facilis server. This allows a Facilis Virtual Volume to serve as cache for LTO backup and archive, with FastTracker indexing and proxy generation extending the functionality of the preview and partial restore process. Xen Data software can be used with as little as a 8-slot LTO8 Library and a 100GB volume as cache, or a large nearline cache of 100+TB and 24-slot dual-tape LTO8 library, all connected directly and hosted on the Facilis Server.